The Best Domestic Airline & Nicest Cat. 4 Property In The World, Changi Rules, Mobile Passport Changes & More!

Happy Sunday to all of our travel friends, both near and far! Here are some articles we’ve read from other bloggers (and other sources) that we think you may like, as well, so we’re passing them along.

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I Used Points From All Three Banks And We’re Flying To Germany On Singapore Airlines!

It’s not often that I get excited about a flight. Remember, I’m the person who proudly wrote how we’re over flying in business class “just because we can.” However when all of the puzzle pieces fell into place and allowed me to book a flight I had my eyes set on for forever, I had to pull the trigger.

Here’s the post I wrote about how I wanted to book a flight on Singapore Airlines from New York – JFK to Frankfurt. I had the flight on waitlist for saver space but I kept checking to see if anything opened up. Saver space never showed up but one day when I logged in, I saw that tickets were available to book at the Advantage level.

Under the new Singapore Airlines chart, a flight from the East Coast to Europe costs 72,000 KrisFlyer Miles at the Saver level and 85,000 miles at the Advantage level. If I was willing to pay 72,000 miles for a ticket, what’s an extra 13,000 miles a ticket, really?

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This Has Got To Be One Of THE MOST FUN Things You Could Ever Do In An Airport

For some people, airports are fun. If you don’t fly very often, every step of the experience can feel new and fresh (OK, OK, you can exclude the TSA checkpoint. But y’know, if you get TSA Pre-Check, even that become a breeze!), and you can have a really great time experiencing  the shopping, the restaurants and everything in between.

If you’re a well-traveled person, being in an airport is, well, significantly less of a novelty. After all, if you’ve seen one Hudson News, Sbarro Pizza or automatic toilet seat cover, you’ve seen them all. Even going to the lounges, although admittedly nicer than sitting by the gate, seem to have a ho-hum sameness (except the Delta Lounge at MCO – are they EVER going to update it from its early 1990s decor?!?!?!) after a while. Unless you’re at THIS airport…

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Changes to Credit Card Programs, Star Wars Pop-Up Bars, & More…

From new military loyalty cards to a report about someone who stayed in a Japanese capsule hotel, here are some stories we saw this week that we thought were interesting. We hope you will, too:

  • Million Miles Secrets reported on Citibank adding Avianca to the Thank You Points program.
  • Star Wars Pop-Up bars are the new thing, and as per Conde Nast Traveler and they appear to be for those with plenty of galactic credits to throw around.
  • As per Frequent Miler, Chase added the ability to transfer directly from Ultimate Rewards to two more valuable partners, Aer Lingus and Iberia.
  • Loyalty Lobby wrote about how SPG is back with their Birth Year promotion. We used this for a stay in Austria and it saved us a bunch of money.
  • On a more negative note, View From the Wing reported that Singapore Airlines is going to start to charge more points for awards on partner airlines.
  • Another downer is that AMEX is not going to offer any Small Business Saturday promotion this year. Oh well, it was good while it lasted. We appreciate One Mile At A Time for letting everyone know.
  • Doctor of Credit reported that Caesars Entertainment launched new loyalty card for military. It also provides discounts at Wyndham Hotels, Norwegian Cruise Line and Hawaiian Airlines.
  • We love stacking multiple offers because it’s a great way to save lots of cash and to earn points, too.  The Points Guy reported on some reader success stories of doing just that!
  • If you enjoy reading about other peoples’ trip reports, Wandering Aramean just posted one about his stay at a capsule hotel in Japan.
  • Finally, in the “OMG, really???” category, No Mas Coach reported on how an Air France flight had to be cancelled due to a passenger who was caught masturbating. Yes, really. And the story of what happened afterwards is even more weird.

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