What Is Stacking And Why Should You Be Doing It?

When I’m talking about stacking, I’m not talking about stacking cups, although that is an impressive, yet useless skill.

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I’m also not speaking of the catchy Anna Kendrick song Cups from Pitch Perfect, where she never actually stacks anything.

When I’m talking about stacking, I’m referring to the combining of multiple deals to maximize the returns on purchases.

I regard myself as a entry level player to this area who occasionally gets lucky with a decent reward. I’m almost always helped by a post or two that points me in the right direction. My goal today is to show you how these work and that it’s not difficult to make them work for you.

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Use Cashback Monitor To Earn The Most Miles When Using Shopping Portals

I write a lot about the credit card offers available to earn bonus miles. That’s because sign up bonuses from credit cards are the easiest way to rack up points and miles in a short amount of time. I realize that many people can’t get approved for credit cards or choose not to have them. While that means you’re missing out on some great opportunities, all is not lost. There are other ways to earn miles besides sign up bonuses.

Do you buy anything online???

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Is Chase Giving Better Rewards To Less Expensive Cards?

I use shopping portals to get miles for things I’d be buying anyway. Portals are websites that you click through to get to other websites. When shopping through a portal, you can get different types of bonuses. There are cash back portals, like Ebates, which pay you a percentage of your purchase, whereas airlines and hotels run portals that pay you back in miles or points in their respective programs. Credit cards also have shopping portals, where you can earn points in the corresponding rewards programs like Chase Ultimate Rewards.

I love earning Ultimate Rewards points that are worth at least 1.5 cents each for things I’m buying anyway

There are dozens of these portals out there so I like to check several of them before making any purchase online. My current favorite site to check the current payout rates is Cashback Monitor. This website keeps up to date listings of the amount that each shopping portal will pay for a specific website.

Anyway, I wanted to purchase a deal I saw on Groupon. I know there are usually great deals for purchases with Groupon on varying shopping portals and was happy to see that Chase had a great payout…

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WDW Hotels Aren’t The Only Places Where You Now Have To Pay For Parking

Walt Disney World threw a curveball into the Disney and theme park world when they announced they would soon no longer allow overnight free parking at any of its Florida-based resorts. True to their word, effective for reservations made March 21, 2018 and thereafter, they began charging hotel guests $13 per night for self-parking at Value Resorts, $19 per night at Moderate Resorts and $24 per night at Deluxe and Deluxe Villa Resorts. However this turned out to not be the only place where what had previously been free parking no longer was.

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Why You Need To Take Advantage of AMEX Offers

If you have an American Express card and don’t take advantage of AMEX offers, you may be leaving hundreds of dollars a year on the table. AMEX Offers are targeted promotions on your American Express account. If you register for the offer, AMEX will give you money back, or extra points, when you use your card at that merchant. Common examples are to get $10 back when you spend $50 or double Membership Rewards points for purchases for the next 3 months. Since many AMEX cards come with an annual fee, taking advantage of these offers is a wonderful way to offset the┬ácost of the card.

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