How I Got Over My Fear Of Staying At A Timeshare Resort And Now I Love Them

Timeshare. Just saying the word evokes an image of a swarthy salesperson who’s going to try to get you to buy part of a hotel building that you can stay at for the rest of your life, and pay yearly dues for that privilege. I’ve actively avoided staying at any timeshare during our trips because I didn’t want the uncomfortable dance to avoid the sales pitch. Full disclosure: we own a part of Disney Vacation Club, a Disney timeshare. It’s one of the least sleazy and most respectable ones out there. If you go for a tour, there’s no high-pressure sales pitch. Continue reading “How I Got Over My Fear Of Staying At A Timeshare Resort And Now I Love Them”

Places Worth Visiting Just For A Meal

“Why are you visiting Ireland?”


This was a real conversation Sharon had with the immigration agent when we visited Dublin in 2016. My questioning was about how long we were staying, which was for 8 hours before flying to London that evening.

Traveling on points and miles opens up options you never had before. This includes scheduling stops at places just to visit for a little while, or just for lunch. We do have a short list of places that we’ll go out of our way, a little bit, just for a meal.

Continue reading “Places Worth Visiting Just For A Meal”

All Miles/Points Are NOT Equal

When talking to people about miles and points, I’ve found explaining the concept of a point in one program is not worth the same as a point in another program is one of the most difficult things for people to understand. Using two hotel chains as an example, why are a Hyatt point and a Hilton point not equal? You have 1 mile/point in each program so they’re worth about the same, right? Wrong!

I’ve gone over the different types of points you can earn in a previous post. Now  let’s talk about how even the same type of points can have very different values. Continue reading “All Miles/Points Are NOT Equal”

Restaurant Review: Dahl & DiLuca Ristorante Italiano, Sedona, AZ

I love Sedona. I really do. I think it’s indescribable and you need to see it to understand the beauty of the area. That being said, we’d seen it already so it wasn’t high on our list of places to revisit. During our Southwest trip, we could have made the drive from Phoenix to the Grand Canyon in one day and been totally OK with it. It just happened that that between my scheduled vacation days from work and our reservations at the Grand Canyon, we had a couple of days to spend somewhere so we decided to go back to Sedona. Not because of the red rocks, the vortexes or the art but because of a restaurant. (Note: This was before we went on our Pink Jeep ride so I admit that I was wrong about returning and we had a wonderful time while we were there.)

We’re not beyond traveling to eat at a restaurant. We went back to the pizza place at the Grand Canyon because we had such good memories from our last trip. This was different. During our last trip to Sedona with Adventures by Disney, we had a free night to eat wherever we wanted. Some people went to the Cowboy Club to try the rattlesnake but we passed on that. Instead, we asked our guides a question my dad taught me years ago: “If you were here for only one night, where would you eat?” This is a different question than what people often ask, “Where’s a good place to go?” That question makes the person you’re asking try to figure out what you like. Instead, my dad’s question asks where THEY like. Continue reading “Restaurant Review: Dahl & DiLuca Ristorante Italiano, Sedona, AZ”

A Not-Seen-In-25-Years Walt Disney World Video, How to Get Global Entry for Free + More!

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