This Is What People Hate The Most About Air Travel

You can learn a lot about travelers, and what they like and dislike, usually through surveys, observation or other types of studies. Other times, you can learn all you need simply by asking a question on a large forum that has a lot of people on it. That’s exactly what a user named “goneisthelight” did on Reddit not long ago. He asked:

What do you hate most about airline travel?

Here are some of the 200+ responses he got in less than 24 hours…

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I Just Don’t See The Appeal Of Bulkhead Seats

Airlines know what seats people will pay the most for. Therefore, they’ve separated the cabin into seat categories and charge a fee according to the demand for each type of seat. The categories vary from something as simple as preferred seats, which aren’t any different from other seats besides being closer to the front of the plane than the back. Some low-cost carriers like Spirit and Frontier will charge extra for all the aisle and window seats, knowing people will pay to avoid being in the dreaded middle seat (although that may change in the future).

The next section airlines will charge more for are the “extra” seats. These are the seats the airlines install with some extra legroom. There are multiple reasons for airlines to have these seats. They’re the ones frequent flyers can choose when buying a ticket so they ensure they can have a comfortable flight. For the rest of the passengers who don’t want to be crammed in shoulder to shoulder, it’s a way to pay for a somewhat more civilized flying experience.

There are two other rows of the plane included with the “extra” section. The exit rows and the bulkhead row(s). I totally get the appeal of an exit row but for the life of me, I can’t understand the appeal of the bulkhead.

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Want To Bet These Plane Seats Will Become More Expensive?

The FAA just approved a new seat design for planes and I could be wrong, but it looks like it could almost make the middle seat…could it actually be….desirable?

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Could Stand-Up Seats in Airplanes Actually/Finally Be In Our Near Future?

Airline passengers have been living with the threat of vertical seats since 2003, when Airbus created the first seat that involved standing or perching. The plan for the seats would be for airlines to allow more people onto the plane, and therefore offer those seats at a substantially reduced cost. The idea has come and gone several times in the years since and right now that seems to be on an upswing due to a new design that was introduced last year…

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Want To Watch Movies On A Plane? You Need To Have The App

Airlines love to tell us the reason they no longer have seatback entertainment is that people prefer to watch their own personal devices instead of the screens provided by the airline. While that’s a lie that’s a questionable assumption to make, we have to live with the fact that some airlines don’t provide any onboard entertainment and others say they do provide entertainment that you can watch on your own device.

I agree that airlines will never get seatback entertainment right but that doesn’t mean they should stop trying. I’m also sure removing the entertainment screens has nothing to do with the weight and the increased costs involved with having them because we all know that airlines don’t care about trying to save weight on planes however possible. (/sarcasm)

Since you’re on your own, here’s what you need to do before your flight to make sure you can watch the provided entertainment during the flight.

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