This Is What People Hate The Most About Air Travel

You can learn a lot about travelers, and what they like and dislike, usually through surveys, observation or other types of studies. Other times, you can learn all you need simply by asking a question on a large forum that has a lot of people on it. That’s exactly what a user named “goneisthelight” did on Reddit not long ago. He asked:

What do you hate most about airline travel?

Here are some of the 200+ responses he got in less than 24 hours…

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I Pimped Our Flight. What’s It Like When You Buy “The Works” Upgrade Package

When I search for flights from Orlando, one airline often shows at the top of the list as the cheapest option, Frontier. While the price shown in the search is the actual fare, it wouldn’t be the price we’d pay to fly with them, as we’d eventually have to pay for a checked bag, carry-on bag or a seat assignment.

If you’re going really cheap, you can fly with only a small personal item like Sharon did when she surprised me on my business trip. However, this trip wasn’t going to be a short hop. We were going to Texas for four days to visit a water park. On top of our usual clothes, we’d be bringing beach towels, swimsuits, pool shoes, suntan lotion, and a cooler (for snacks in the park and in case we wanted to bring home any food).

When booking my ticket, I had the option of adding on the various options. With Frontier, you’ll get the lowest price if you pay for the extras when booking the ticket.

It wasn’t going to be cheap.

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How To Pick The Best Seat On A Southwest Flight

It’s one thing to know the tricks on how to be the first one to get on a Southwest flight (Hint, it’s not Early Bird) but once onboard you also need to know what’s the best seat to pick on a Southwest flight?  Once you know your preferences you can make a mental list and scope out the seats as soon as you enter the plane. Knowing which seats you’re taking prevents a mid-aisle game of “How’s this row?” Trust me, you don’t want that type of pressure in your life. (Right, Sharon?) (*cough* Right Joe. And if you would work on your decision making skills, it would make picking the “best” seats a whole lot easier, now wouldn’t it? *cough*) (Note from Sharon: We really do love each other, I promise!)

So what are the choices for the “best” seats on a Southwest plane and how do they compare?

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Frontier Airlines Elite 20K Status After Two Flights

Check your email because today Sharon and I both received offers to earn Frontier Elite 20K status after taking two round trip flights. Considering that you’d usually need to fly 20,000 miles on Frontier (or spend $20,000 on the Frontier Credit Card) to achieve this status, it’s a pretty good deal.  This may be a targeted offer because the emails contained a link specific to our Frontier Miles accounts.

(Update August 7, 2018. the offer is now available to everyone at THIS LINK.)

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