How To Get A Cheap Rental Car

Choosing a rental car is not the most glamorous part of vacation planning. When we travel, it usually doesn’t matter what type of car we have. I’d like something not too small and with enough room for 2 suitcases, but besides that, a car is a car. Occasionally we do splurge, like when I got this Audi from Silvercar.


There’s a law of diminishing returns when it comes to travel planning. Putting in a little extra time into the trip can save you time, save you money or give you a better experience.  This is very true when renting a car.

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Successful Orlando-Based Stroller Rental Company Expands Into Las Vegas

If there are any things that are used a lot in Central Florida, it’s strollers. Some families bring their own, some buy a cheap one at Walmart or Target and then leave it here when they go home (what a waste – I hope there’s a system in place so they consistently get donated somewhere!), and others rent a stroller, either at the theme parks on a daily basis, or by a rental stroller company for the length of their stay. Some people even rent strollers that look like a princess’s carriage.

There’s one stroller rental company, Main Street Strollers, that’s been making huge strides in Orlando because not only are they one of the few that rent those popular Keenz stroller wagons, but they have, by far, the lowest prices for those rentals that I had seen in the entire area.

In Spring of 2019, the Disney parks on both coasts set size limits on strollers that could enter their parks (click here for a list of what strollers can and cannot be brought into the parks now) and although Main Street Strollers’ single and double strollers were still fine, their Keenz stroller wagons were no longer allowed into Walt Disney World parks, unless the child using it had special needs.

Some companies would have just shrugged their shoulders and carried on as best as they could. Instead, Main Street Strollers did what any successful company with an eye towards the future would do.

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My Favorite Thing About AutoSlash Has Nothing To Do With Saving Money

If you’re not using AutoSlash when you rent a car, you should be. Their service has saved me hundreds of dollars on car rentals over the years. AutoSlash works on two levels. First, if you enter in your trip details, they’ll email you a list of the lowest prices they’ve found for your rental taking into account all of the discounts you’re eligible for. The second service they offer is tracking your rental and looking for a lower price. Once you’ve made a reservation, either through them or on your own, you enter the rental details into their website and they’ll email you if they find a lower price for your trip.

The cost of these services? They’re FREE!

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Going To WDW? This Is THE Stroller For The Little Princess In Your Life (And Now It’s Disney Park Size Compliant!)

Being a princess has been a part of many little girls’ imaginations, probably since the concept of princesses began, forever ago. Disney has tapped into that love with a plethora of prince and princess items, from clothing to books to movies to toys to everything in between. About the only thing Disney doesn’t offer is a stroller fit for a princess (or prince!) at its parks.

Fortunately, someone else has picked up the slack…

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How To Use Debit Cards For Car Rentals

One question we’ve been asked on our Facebook page is how to rent a car using a debit card. While I’m a believer that the best way to get the most from your spending is to use a miles or points earning credit card, there are people who choose to not have or cannot get one of those cards. This post is for them.

Rental car companies like the security of having your credit card in case they need to charge you for not returning the car, damage to the car or anything else they’d like to charge you for once you return the car. If you use a debit card, they’ll often put a large hold on your account that will prevent access to your funds until the hold is removed.

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