Rebooking A Singapore Airlines Advantage Award Ticket When Your Saver Award Waitlist Clears

Before I started planning our trip to Germany, I didn’t pay much attention to Singapore Airlines’ KrisFlyer program. I knew the basics, such as they’re partners with all three major bank’s transferrable points programs so it’s relatively easy to earn points in their program. I was also aware that Singapore opens up many more award seats to their own loyalty program members than they do to partner airlines. If I wanted to try and book flights on Singapore from New York to Frankfurt, Germany, I’d need to learn more about KrisFlyer.

Thankfully there are numerous articles about how to transfer miles to KrisFlyer from your Citi ThankYou, AMEX Membership Rewards or Chase Ultimate Rewards accounts. Once I moved enough points into my KrisFlyer account, I just had to wait for award space to open up on my desired flight.

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Why I Think American’s New (To Me) Policy Is Very Smart

Two days before we were due to fly on American Airlines from Orlando to New York, Sharon’s phone rang. We’re generally not ones to answer our phones (Note from Sharon: As a meme I recently saw said, “The best time to call me is in a text message”) and when a random call comes in from an 800 number, it’s a definite direct-to-voicemail call for both of us. For some reason, I had Sharon’s phone in front of me and after the first call went to voicemail, the phone rang again from the same number. I was at my computer so I Googled the number (800-433-7300).

Screen Shot 2019-05-16 at 12.11.38 AM.png

At first glance, my heart dropped. Why would American Airlines be calling us two days before our flight? I imagined the worst, like our flight was canceled because of the 737 MAX schedule changes. I picked up the phone.

“Hello, Sharon’s phone. This is Joe. How can I help you?”

That’s not how I answered but it has to be extraordinary circumstances for me to pick up a call on her phone.

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