RIGHT NOW! 4 Airline Flash Sales, A Mileage Sale, AND Up to 40% off Hotel Rates!

There are a whole lot of travel sales going on right now, friends. They’re all pretty awesomesauce, but heads up that some end today, some tomorrow and some next week, so do’t take to long to check them out…

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There Are Online Classes To Learn About Traveling On A Budget & You Can Pay What You Want For Them

Lots of people always want to know how to learn the “secrets” of cheap travel. In fact, that’s how Joe and I started Your Mileage May Vary – our friends saw how we saved money and traveled well by using points and miles, and lots of them said Joe should run classes to teach what he knows. Well, he really didn’t have time for that, so I suggested he start a blog. And here we are. 😉

Joe does have his Basics Of How To Get Started Earning Points & Miles Balances post and that gives a nice, overall idea of how to get started. But there’s still so much more you can learn. A lot of our posts have a lot of that info, and lots of other bloggers on Boarding Area have some great “teaching” posts, too.  But I found a place online that has 9 different online courses to help you learn about all different aspects of travel and right now, you can pay whatever you want to get access to them.

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What Am I Missing About The Hyatt Promotion?

On Friday, Hyatt launched a promotion for their Chase co-brand credit card holders offering a 10% rebate on point redemptions. I’m figuring that you’ve already heard because not just one, two, three, four or five but a minimum of six different sites have written about it. So there’s no need for me to rehash the details.

If you want to sign up or read the official terms, here’s the link to the Hyatt website.

I’ve seen this promotion come and go but I never paid much attention because I wasn’t eligible. I didn’t have the World of Hyatt credit card, and applying for it so I could take part in a promotion isn’t my style. However, this year I finally have a Hyatt card – click here to read my review. Seeing the news of the promotion, I went to give it a closer look.

Maybe it’s just me but I don’t see what all the fuss is about.

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What’s An Open Jaw Flight And Why Should You Care?

The simplest of round trip airfare consists of flying to one city and then flying back from the arriving airport to your origin airport. One example would be flying from New York JFK to London Heathrow and back.


Two map dots and a single line connecting them.

However, it’s possible to book a round trip ticket where either the return trip either departs from or arrives at a different airport. That’s called an open jaw:

denoting or relating to a trip in which an airline passenger flies in to one destination and returns from another.

Here’s where I imagine some people are preparing comments like, “WHO DOESN’T KNOW WHAT AN OPEN JAW FLIGHT MEANS!!!” or, “WRITE ARTICLES WITH REAL INFORMATION!”

If you’re thinking that, obviously this article isn’t for you. There was a time when all of us, including me and even you, didn’t know what an open jaw flight was. This article is for people just getting into points and miles who have never heard of open jaw flights before, or if they have, really aren’t sure exactly what the term means.

And if you’re one of the people who have never heard of open jaw flights, ignore the people who make comments like those above.


Now, back to the post:

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