How To Stop A Manspreader On A Plane In Three Easy Steps

Ladies, this is mainly for you, but guys, this actually could potentially help you, too, if you have a manspreader next to you while on a plane.

Manspreading. It’s been happening for eons, but only in the past couple of years did it get a name and even its own Wikipedia page. By definition, “manspreading” is, ‘the practice whereby a man adopts a sitting position with his legs wide apart, in such a way as to encroach on an adjacent seat.’ Although manspreading can happen anywhere, it’s a behavior that’s commonly spotted on public transportation.

Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 10.34.37 PMWhy people believe men (and occasionally women) spread is up for debate and hypotheses vary between simple pelvis shape (a man’s pelvis is narrower, which makes spreading more comfortable than keeping his knees closer together), a subconscious sense of wanting empowerment, and just wanting to air things out or show things off. By the way, studies show that our subconscious reactions to manspreading vs. womanspreading are also very different. When males do it [especially when they spread, feet splayed outward and forearms leaning on their thighs], it’s seen as an attempt to look more powerful, manly or macho. For females, it’s considered rude and unladylike.

But whatever the case, when it’s done on a bus or subway, it’s easy enough for people to move or simply just not sit next to the spreader. In fact, some transit authorities have had ad campaigns to “stop the spread” on public transportation:

La Empresa Municipal de Transportes (EMT), Madrid
Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA), New York City

But if it happens on a plane, the seat mates next to the offending spreader are the ones who have no choice but to grin and bear it.

Or do they?

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Bicoastal Disney Openings, Visiting Liverpool With A Beatle, A New Way To Search for Flights & More

And here it is, Sunday again. Hope y’all have had a good week! Here are some travel articles we’ve recently seen that we think you may enjoy.

  • Nick at Frequent Miler wrote about a new search function on one of my favorite websites, Google Flights. You’re now able to search for airfares that allow you to put a carry on bag in the overhead bin. So it’ll eliminate basic economy fares that don’t allow bin access and add the bag charge to flights that charge extra for the privilege (like Spirit and Frontier).
  • Caroline from Frugal Travel Guy wrote about the best places to stay in Cuba on points and miles. The hotels available for points redemption are slim if you are an American who can even visit under the current travel restrictions. Personally, I’d strongly suggest staying at a casa particular instead of a chain resort. You can go to any island in the Caribbean and stay at a resort. If you’re going to Cuba, spend some time with the people. You’ll never forget it.
Sharon & Joe in Havana, March 2016

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Couple Caught On Video Joining The Mile High Club – While In Their Own Seats!

Heads up y’all…the video in this post is NSFW. Just telling you now.

So apparently there was a flight on Silver Airways and a woman’s parents had the next-to-last row on the plane. I guess they heard or felt something behind them? So they used their phone in selfie mode to videotape what was going on. The got the footage and sent it to their daughter, who tweeted this…

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Have To Pay To Bring Your Carry-On Bag Onto The Plane? Try This Instead! Or Not.

With how everyone and everything is jam packed into planes nowadays, it’s almost a given that sometimes you’re going to be told your carry-on bad is too big, won’t fit, there’s no room for it, etc. Heaven knows it has happened to me…

Click here to read about when the gate agent said my bag was too big and I fought her on it (and won!).
Click here for the story of when they told me there was no room for my carry-on bag, so I checked it and they wound up breaking something in the bag.

And then you’ve got the airlines who charge you for nearly every bag you want to bring, regardless if it’s checked or a carry-on. When you get into a situation like that, if you ask me, this woman has it ALL figured out…

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That Time When When A Celebrity Live Tweeted About The Plane Passenger From Hell

Many people could be considered “the worst passenger ever.” We even covered a bunch of them (maybe not all “the worst” but definitely annoying!) in this post ;). But when the editor of an award-winning TV show decides to live Tweet about the plane passenger from hell, you know you’re in for a treat. Here’s what happened…

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Swollen Feet On A Plane? Maybe Wear Compression Socks When You Fly

You’ve been on a long flight, twisted like a pretzel in coach class. You finally land and your ankles look like balloons from being swollen and it may even hurt to walk to baggage claim. What causes it? Assuming you’re healthy, it’s from the lousy circulation you’ve experienced while your feet have been on the floor, with your legs not moving much, for hours on end. Assuming you’re healthy, the chance of your developing a blood clot from this is small, but still a possibility. But there’s good news – you can decrease that swelling with compression socks!

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