How To Get An Airplane Row All To Yourself

In an effort to save money since the U.S. government had to bail out airlines post-9/11, said airlines have been doing their part to keep flights as full as possible. So it’s been pretty rare to to have an empty seat next to you on a plane, never mind getting a whole row to yourself. But here and there it does happen, especially on those rare flights that are only half-empty. Here’s how you can put the odds in your favor.

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How To Sleep Better On Long Flights

There are some lucky souls who can sleep just about anywhere, including on planes. And then there are the rest of us.

When you’re on a long haul flight, having a first- or business-class seat to actually lie flat (or sorta flat) in is REALLY helpful with getting to sleep. But again, most of us are not that lucky, at least a whole lot of the time. So for the rest of us, here are some things and ways to help bring that sleep on when on long plane journeys:

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Funny Tweets From People Who Hate To Fly

Some people just hate to fly. I don’t mean the people who are afraid to and just don’t (although there are things you can do to help alleviate that). I mean the ones who fly, sometimes on a regular basis, but don’t like it, either because of fear, the uncomfortableness of the whole process, or a myriad of other possible reasons.

Some people who obviously don’t like to fly have tweeted their apprehension, anger or just “shaking their head at people,” which allows people like you and me to have a smile, chuckle or a, “Yup, I totally get what you’re saying” moment. Enjoy…

Note: Some of these tweets have very adult language that’s NSFW

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Rare 1958 Era TWA Plane To Be Used As Retro Hotel’s Cocktail Lounge

If you’ve been paying attention to travel/points/miles/hotels/airlines/planes hobbyist news, you may have heard that the iconic 1962 TWA Flight Center at JFK airport is being restored and reimagined as a first-class hotel. It sounds awesome and Joe and I hope to be able to stay there once it’s open to the public.

Rendering of the TWA Hotel. Photo via TWA Hotel

One thing the hotel still needed was a cocktail lounge. And what better thing to use as a bar at a hotel at an airport?  A plane, of course!

But not just any plane…

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The Items Most Often Left On Planes & What To Do If It Happens To You

As a traveler, you may be familiar with the moment when your heart jumps to your throat because you realize you left something valuable on a plane. I realize that it’s little solace, but you’re not alone. In fact, hundreds of thousands of items are left on planes every year.

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