One Of My Biggest Hotel Pet Peeves

If you travel enough, there will always be something that bothers you. Sharon’s griped about the behavior of people at airports. Personally, I’m always aggravated when hotels don’t put enough power outlets in a room, but I can forgive hotels for that (well, to an extent) because maybe when the room was designed, people didn’t plugin as many things. My current pet peeve is different and something is so simple for a hotel to fix that I can’t stand when I have to deal with it.

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The Five Easy Things I Want In A Hotel Room

Hotels spend time and money to figure out what their guests want the most. To find this information, they send surveys asking how was the stay and asking their guests to rate everything from the front desk to the room cleanliness, and even the fitness room. Hotels also have their employees watch over sites like TripAdvisor and Yelp! to spot bad reviews so they can try to resolve the problems (in public, so everyone can see they care).

I’m going to save the hotels a bunch of money in market research. In no specific order, here are the FIVE things I want from my hotel room.

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Our (Bi)Weekly Recap: 9/3/17 – 9/16/17

Hi y’all! Welp, we couldn’t post our weekly recap last week because….Hurricane Irma. So this week’s recap will cover everything from this past week (which isn’t much because, say it with me…Hurricane Irma) AND the week before, as well.

Joe wrote about:

Sharon wrote about:

Once final time, THANK-YOU SO MUCH for your patience as we prepped for, went through, and dealt with the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. Starting this Monday, we should be back to a normal “usually 2 a day” posting schedule.

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