You’ve Just Booked An Amazing Award Ticket. Now What?

You’ve been working to booking your dream trip for as long as you can remember. You had a goal and worked diligently to achieve it. Finally, the day has come. You’ve booked the award ticket you’ve been looking forward to all this time. If you are flying on the same airline you redeemed your miles with, using AAdvantage miles to fly on American for example, the process is relatively straightforward. While making a reservation with your miles, you provided all of your information and were also able to make your seat selections. For those who are newer to points and miles, flying with the same airline you’ve booked with is often referred to as “Flying on the airlines own metal.

What if your dream ticket involved booking a ticket with partner airlines? First of all, I hope you’re aware of the challenges when using miles for such a ticket but it’s often the best use of your miles. It does add some extra steps to the process.

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How To Get A Passport From Another Country

Many Americans would like to think that because they live in the greatest country in the world, theirs are the most powerful passports out there. However, unfortunately for us, that’s not the least bit true. According to the Henley Passport Index, which periodically measures the access each country’s travel document affords, the U.S. currently ties for the 6th best passport to have. So also having a passport from another country may be able to gain you easier access to places that U.S. passports can’t.

That situation is usually reserved for people who were born in one county and then moved to the United States; it’s called dual citizenship. However, if you weren’t born in another country, and still want to access to a passport from a different country, it’s still technically possible…

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How Do You Renew An Expired Passport? It Depends

If you travel internationally on a relatively frequent basis, you probably have some idea of when your passport expires. If that’s the case, unless you’re a habitual procrastinator, you renew it as needed, either before its expiration date or however many months before it expires, as per the rules of whatever country or countries you’re going to.

But if you’re an infrequent traveler, it’s another story. Say you went to Paris that summer after you graduated from college and haven’t gone further than 3 states from home ever since, but now your work wants to send you to China. Your passport might be years and YEARS expired.

What do you do? Do you start fresh? Or is there something “special” you need to do because you did have a valid passport way back when?

As it turns out, it depends.

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You Might Be A Travel Addict If…

Nearly 30 (Thirty? UGH!) years ago, comedian Jeff Foxworthy released a comedy album called, “You Might Be A Redneck If…” It peaked at #38 on Billboard. The album included a segment of examples of how you might be a redneck if you do these things. Here’s a TV spot with the routine from 1989:

Of course, the same thing goes for traveling…

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American Airlines Offering Status For Nothing, Favorite Eats In Key West, Marriott Making It Harder To Stay With Them, & More!

Hi travel friends! Here are our most popular posts for September 2019. Some of them were actually written before September (heads up that rules and offers change and we can’t guarantee that those older posts are still accurate), so take a look to make sure you didn’t miss any of the good stuff:

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