I’ve Been Fascinated With This NYC Project For Years And It’s Closer Than Ever To Actually Happening

I’m fascinated by project announcements, particularly ones in Manhattan because they tend to be bigger and more grandiose than ones you’ll find anywhere else. I also like looking back and see what actually gets built in comparison to what was initially planned. For this reason, I’ve been following the development of the corner of Times Square, including the moving of the Palace Theater, to become TSX Broadway, which is set to open in 2022.

While that’s a huge undertaking, it’s just another big building in New York. There’s another project I’ve been following since it was proposed in 2012. Step by step, it’s been moving through the development phases, but now it looks like it might actually happen.

And I’m fascinated with the idea.

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Trip Review: Mount Bromo, Java, Indonesia

This is the beginning of a series of posts I’m affectionately calling, “The really cool places around the world that my dad and his wife have visited.” Being retired, they have no restrictions on time, and since I’m able to help them book trips using points and miles, the list of places they can travel to is pretty incredible.

One of the freedoms they have (that I don’t) is the ability to travel to out of the way locations. When Sharon and I travel for a week, we have to limit ourselves to a few destinations each trip. When Dad and Joann travel for a month, they can take a day to fly to a location, stay for two nights and then fly somewhere else. We don’t have that luxury of time.

Mount Bromo is one location my dad visited on his last trip to Indonesia and Thailand. It’s a volcano located on Java and I’d never heard of it before I saw their trip plans. Now I wish I never saw their pictures because now I really want to go there.

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