Like Watching Airplanes? Check Out Austin Airport’s New Deck

Austin airport has grown tremendously since we first visited the area over a decade ago. The increase in the number of flights and passengers pushed the capacity limits of the airport, putting a strain on all of the resources from baggage handling to parking spaces, and eventually capacity limitations caused prices of flights to increase significantly.

Austin airport announced an expansion plan and the first phase of it opened in February 2019. The most immediate impact was the addition of 9 new gates, which increased the number of flights the airport can handle.

In May of 2019, Delta opened their new SkyClub┬áin that new addition and it’s an amazing space located at the end of the terminal on the second floor between gates 1 and 2.

But for those of us who can’t get into a SkyClub, Austin airport has you covered with their new outdoor deck.

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