Should You Stay Onsite Or Offsite At Walt Disney World? (a.k.a. Is Staying Onsite At WDW Worth It?)

The cost of a Walt Disney World (WDW) vacation has increased exponentially over the years.  Although “being in the Disney bubble” and staying at a Disney-owned hotel on property is preferable, if not downright mandatory for some, for others it means taking a long, hard look at all the circumstances, including finances.

Before Joe and I moved to Orlando, we were visiting WDW upwards of 6 times a year. Most of those were just long weekends, and some were trips where we stayed on property, and for others, we’d stay off site. We rented a car whether we stayed on or off property, because we found it faster and more convenient than using Disney’s bus system (heads up this was before the advent of Disney’s Magical Express, Minnie Vans, or ride sharing). But whatever the case, we can definitely say we experienced both sides of the on/off property coin. Even since moving to Orlando in 2002, we’ve spoken to dozens of friends over the years, some who’ve stayed on site, some who’ve stayed off property, and some who, like we used to do, have done one sometimes and the other at other times. So besides our own, admittedly older experiences, we have can drawn from the more recent experiences of our friends. Here are our thoughts…

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Our Experience Renting From Sixt Rent A Car in San Antonio

We recently returned from a long weekend trip to Texas Hill Country visiting Austin, New Braunfels and San Antonio. While we usually fly into Austin airport, this trip it made more sense for price and schedule to fly into San Antonio. It had been several years since we’d visited and I’m happy to report there have been many positive changes, at least when it comes to renting a car there.

I checked Autoslash and found the best price for our rental to be with Sixt Rent A Car. I was familiar with the company because they have locations in Orlando around Disney World but I had never rented from them before. The main reason for that was their locations were usually off-airport, requiring a shuttle bus to and from the rental car location. The only time I’ll use an off-airport rental is when there are no on site rental locations.

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