Our Food Experiences In New Orleans

When someone says New Orleans, one of the top things that people think of is the food. There are so many iconic dishes that the city is famous for, like gumbo, po-boys, muffaletta, beignets, pralines and jambalaya. It’s possible to plan a culinary adventure in the city, eating at iconic restaurants like Antoine’s, Galatoires, Brennan’s and Emeril’s and then hitting the spots claiming to have the “best” this and “world famous” that. We easily could have planned our trip totally around where we were going to eat but we didn’t do that. To my chagrin, I didn’t plan anything for the trip (besides setting up to have our parade). I’m sure that I’m not the only one who’s ever done this and I thought I’d share what I learned from our make it up as we go along New Orleans adventure.

We didn’t hit anywhere too fancy because we didn’t bring the clothes for that and we’re not the type to go somewhere if we’re not going to be dressed appropriately. I’m also sorry that I┬ádon’t have many pictures of food, except for one location, because I’m not one to take a picture of everything I eat.

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Want To Take A Selfie With An Alligator? You Now Can At New Orleans Airport!

The Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport (MSY) is a lot like most other airports. I mean, it’s got planes. And restaurants. And places to shop. But it’s got one thing going on right now that I don’t think you can see or do at any other airport in the country.

You can take a selfie with an alligator.

Yes, really!

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You Can’t Drink At Every Bar In New Orleans, But We Tried Anyway

Before our recent trip to New Orleans, everyone had a suggestion of a bar we had to try. Not only that, each bar had a specific reason to visit it. So by the time we finished the list, we could have spent the whole time in the city walking from bar to bar and still not have time to try them all. Our plans included other activities besides drinking, so there was no way we could complete the list in five days.

That doesn’t mean that we didn’t try.

We wanted to remember our trip, so we practiced moderation of our intake, as best as one can do when in a city where open containers are allowed on the streets. Here’s our list of places we stopped and our thoughts of each one (as much as I can remember). I’m gonna go in order of when we visited, cause the only notes I have are my pictures and our Facebook timelines. I have no doubt that there were dozens of places we should have gone instead. Oh well, there’s always next time.

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Dear W Hotels – Stop With The Impossible To Understand Room Categories

Trying to figure our what type of room you’re booking is difficult enough without hotels giving fancy names to the categories. No hotel is worse when it comes to that than the W Hotel chain. I discovered these strangely named room categories when booking a stay at the W Hollywood. Remember, they’re the hotel that told us we needed to bring our party game with us.

Since I was booking with points, I could only book the base level room if there was one available. Here were the room categories I had to choose from:

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We Had A Parade In New Orleans, And You Can, Too!!!

The centerpiece of our New Orleans trip was our parade. It didn’t begin that way. In fact, we didn’t even know we were going to have a parade when we decided this would be the year we finally went to New Orleans.

I owe y’all a little bit of back story. New Orleans has been a city we’ve planned on visiting for years – as in, for more than a decade. We’d wanted to visit but then Hurricane Katrina happened and we didn’t feel it was the time to go. Over time, the trip slipped to the back burner.

Last year, several things happened that reminded us we still hadn’t been to New Orleans. My best friend from college moved to New Orleans from New Jersey and has been posting pictures to his Instagram showing how wonderful the city is. We also started writing the blog and I wrote an article about how you need to visit places after natural disasters which reminded me we never visited after Katrina. It was time and we made a promise to ourselves that our trip would be the year.

When we planned out our travel for 2018, a necessity when you need to put in for your vacation a year in advance like I do, we penciled in a week in New Orleans for October 2018. Since we now live in the south, we know not to visit anywhere in the summer, when it’s oppressively hot.

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