Our Trip On The Only Paddlewheel Steamboat In New Orleans

While in New Orleans, you have your pick of paddlewheel boats to go on a trip down the Mississippi River. However, only one of those boats will be a honest to goodness steamboat, like the ones from the days of Tom Sawyer and Mark Twain.

The Steamboat Natchez departs for several two-hour tours daily from its dock right behind the Jax Brewery building on Decatur St.


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When In New Orleans, You Really Need To Visit A Pharmacy

Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not talking about your neighborhood Walgreens here (although we did need to stop at the one on Decatur for some supplies during our trip).  The former home and business of the first registered pharmacist in the United States is now the site of the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum. While I had a certain professional interest in visiting, I can say that I’d think everyone would find at least some of the history of medicine and pharmacy to be enlightening.


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(One Of) Our Most Favorite Thing(s) We Did In New Orleans

We spent several days in New Orleans with no plans, except for our parade. We managed to check out a fair amount of bars and restaurants and went to see where they make the Mardi Gras floats but that still left plenty of time. On our first full day in town, we stopped by one of the places where you don’t need to have a reservation to experience something that’s classic New Orleans. We headed to St. Peter Street and got in line to wait to see some classic jazz at Preservation Hall.


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Did You Know You Can See Where They Make The Floats For Mardi Gras? You Can! And We Did!

I reluctantly admit that I did little to no preparation for our trip to New Orleans, besides the planning for our parade. That left us with four days with absolutely no plans, so I did what I typically do nowadays when that happens: I asked our readers for help. I did and you responded with some wonderful suggestions. One of the top suggestions was to go see Mardi Gras World.

I asked Sharon if she was interested in seeing where the floats for…


So we went to Mardi Gras World.


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Ghosts, Orbs and The Paranormal: Visiting Haunted Locations

One of my guilty pleasures is watching ghost hunting shows. I DVR episodes of Ghost Adventures (and previously Ghost Hunters – may the show R.I.P.) and snuggle with our dog on the bed while I listen to the EVPs and slamming doors. I’ve even gotten to the point where I can hear the spirit voices before they replay them with the subtitles. I think I like watching these shows because I’m pretty sure I used to live in a house where I had some spiritual co-inhabitants. It was a house built in 1928 on the farmland of one of the city founders. I never felt anything evil or menacing, just a occasional presence over my shoulder, watching what I was doing. There was also the times where lights I know I turned off were back on. Not just once or twice, but more like a weekly occurrence. I really noticed the difference when I moved and the feeling of being watched was gone. It was the strangest thing and it’s impossible to describe if you’ve never experienced it.

Alas, Sharon doesn’t share my enthusiasm in ghosts and the paranormal, but over the years, I’ve managed to get her to go to a number of haunted locations. Some of them because they had another appeal to her tastes and other times we were led there as part of a tour package. I didn’t care, we were going ghost hunting!

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