Our Disneyland Backup Plan, The Best Travel Jacket, Funny Airplane Employee Announcements + More…

Happy Saturday, friends. Sharon’s busy baking the first batch of Christmas cookies for the season, so I’m here writing the weekly recap. I’m not gonna complain because her cookies are really yummy.

This week Sharon wrote about:

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Our Favorite Places to Eat When Visiting Schlitterbahn (Austin, New Braunfels and Driftwood, TX)

We love to visit Schlitterbahn Water Park in New Braunfels, TX. We’ve been going for over a decade and in that time we’ve managed to find some restaurants that keep us going back to them time after time after time. They are our local comfort foods and we enjoy eating at these places so much that it’s difficult for us to break away and try anywhere else. Just like when we go to New York and have to eat pizza, bagels and corned beef sandwiches, when we go to Texas we need to eat barbecue, grilled meats and down home Texas comfort food.

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The One Credit Card I Want….. Just Because

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I have many travel credit cards to my name (even more if you count the ones that Sharon has). I keep some of them because they earn a lot of points like the American Express Everyday Preferred. I have other cards because of the travel benefits they offer like the Citi Prestige and the Chase Sapphire Reserve. I keep even others because of the very specific perks I get, like the Chase Disney Visa.

It’s rare that I come across a credit card that I’ve never heard about and even rarer that I find a card I want to have for no rational reason at all. But leave it to me…I found one.

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Why You Should Visit Cities After Natural Disasters

You watch the news and see stories about natural disasters all the time. Right now I’m watching people I know post from Key West, talking about the destruction caused there by Hurricane Irma. Natural events happen. Hurricanes, Floods, Tornadoes. Earthquakes. Wildfires. We can’t avoid them.

One thing you need to know is the people who live in these areas often make their living by providing for the numerous tourists who flock to visit. After cleaning up and getting basic services on line, the next priority is to get the guest areas ready as quickly as possible, often even before cleaning up their own personal properties.

That’s why you need to support these places instead of putting off trips because the area might still be “recovering.”

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Hotel Review: Candlewood Suites, New Braunfels, Texas

Every time you choose what hotel to stay at, there’s usually a list of things you want from that hotel. It could be specific amenities, or a particular location or you may be looking for a certain level of service. These things will ultimately lead you to your perfect choice (or the closest thing to perfect you can get).

I’ll admit the list of requirements we had that lead to our first stay at the Candlewood Suites last year, and had us return there this year, were very specific and very, well, “us.” The list included:

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