The Best Ranking Car Rental Companies In The U.S. Are…

There’s a lot of stress that comes with traveling. You have to get through the security checkpoint and then hang out in an airport or airport lounge that’s way too crowded and may be going through a huge renovation. Unless you have first class or business class, you’re jammed into a plane. Hotels have also made for less happy experiences, especially if you’re into the points & miles thing, by changing the rules about stays, or, well, I can just say #Bonvoyed and most people reading this will understand what I mean.

However one aspect of travel has continued to increasingly make for relatively high satisfaction levels – that of car rental companies.

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Avis Is Having A Promotion That Sounds Very Familiar

I tagged an email from Avis that I received in September but somehow forgot about it until I went to clean out my mailbox. The basic premise of the promotion is that for every two rentals of an intermediate car or larger lasting two nights or more, you’ll receive a free rental day certificate.

Hmmm, that sounds familiar. Rent twice and get a free day. I wonder where they got that idea from. I don’t know about you, but that seems awfully similar to National Car Rental’s One Two Free promotion.

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Should You Sign Up For National Car Rental’s One Two Free Promotion?

It’s the beginning of September and that means it’s time for National Car Rental’s One Two Free promotion. While there are some who feel this is the rental car promotion of the year, I like to take a closer look at what’s being offered. This year, the promotion is very similar to the one they offered in 2018 and in 2017. In other words, if it’s not broken, don’t try to fix it.

To sign up for the promotion, you need to be a National Emerald Club member. If you’re not, check out our post on how to sign up for the programs for all the major US car rental companies.

Once you sign up, or if you were already a National Emerald Club member, here’s the sign-up link for the promotion.

So what is National offering with One Two Free and what are you giving away when you choose to take advantage of this promotion?

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Chase Sapphire Reserve Premium Rental Car Benefits

The Sapphire Reserve is Chase’s premium travel credit card. It provides an unmatched combination of points earning and travel insurance coverage. When it comes to travel perks included with the card, it’s right in the pack with other cards offering a Priority Pass membership and Global Entry reimbursement. Many of the other travel benefits supplied by the card come from it being a VISA Infinite card, some of them being premier level membership with several rental car companies.

If you’re interested in signing up for a Chase Sapphire Reserve or just want to hear more about the card, check out our full review.

To find out what benefits the Sapphire Reserve provides, it’s necessary to log into your Chase account. If you have more than one Chase card, click on the Sapphire Reserve and then open the drop-down box “Things you can do”

Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at 4.49.34 PM

Clicking on card benefits takes you a page showing several benefits of the card:

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I Like Being Able To Choose My Rental Car But I Hate Choosing A Rental Car

I remember back when I first was a National Car Rental Emerald Club member. That status gave me the privilege of booking a midsize car and being able to book any car parked in the Emerald Aisle. No more having to take the car they assigned me, I had the power to pick whichever car I wanted.

I remember renting an Oldsmobile Bravada just because I could.


OK, stop being jealous. Who wouldn’t want to rent this car?

Flash forward and National isn’t the only car rental company that lets you pick from the lot. They don’t even require you to have any type of status to be able to pick your own car anymore.

Here are some of the car rental company policies for choosing your own car:

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