Battery/Charger In Luggage Explodes at Chicago’s Midway Airport (But Not How You’d Think)

Here’s another reason why you want to keep batteries and chargers in your carry on bags.

For the past several years, airlines, following FAA regulations, have required that lithium-ion batteries – those that power smartphones, tablets, cameras, laptops and E-cigarettes, among other things – be stored in passengers’ carry on bags instead of check luggage.

The reason for this is that they can catch fire if they’re damaged or if the battery terminals are somehow short-circuited. Although a fire in the cabin is an absolute emergency and oftentimes cause for an emergency landing, a fire in the cargo section, where no one and nothing will see/smell/detect it for a longer amount of time,  could wind up being even more potentially deadly.

That being said, there’s another reason you don’t want to keep those batteries (or frankly, regular batteries. Or chargers) in your checked luggage…

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Airline Commercials & Jingles: Memories & Nostalgia Of Air Travel From Our Past

As our television viewing habits have changed over the decades, so have the commercials we’ve watched. As jingles have given way to CGI and kids who always have a comeback, we no longer get to hear “Wouldn’t you like to be a Pepper, too?” or “I don’t wanna grow up, I’m a Toys R Us kid…” Well, except on YouTube.

How many of these airlines commercials do you remember?

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Carnival & Midway Games: The Science Of The Scam, And How To Win

‘Tis the season for local carnivals, fairs, festivals and lots of other events that, at least in the U.S., usually includes soft ice cream, corn dogs, kettle corn, funnel cake, fried stuff on a stick, and “spin and puke” rides. Probably in that order. 😉

When I was a kid, the things I loved the most at the carnival were the games of chance. Whether it was squirting water into a clown’s mouth, aiming a whiffle ball to land in a red cup or trying to break balloons with darts, I was positive that I could beat the odds and win that 3’ plush Snoopy I had my eye on. Unfortunately, although I spent a whole lot of money trying, I never did win that Snoopy. But I did win a working kid-sized blender on a carnival roulette wheel once when I was about six or seven.

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Getting Around Chicago Without A Rental Car

When visiting a big city, I hardly ever rent a car anymore. It’s just too expensive when you consider the cost of the rental, gas, parking at the hotel, parking at the locations you plan on visiting, and tolls. I’ve gotten around just fine during trips to San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York City without a rental car so I decided to not rent a car for our trip to Chicago (besides all the other reason I just mentioned, the hotel where we were staying charged $60 a night for parking!!!!)

I always look at two different scenarios when thinking about traveling without a car – getting from the airport to our hotel and then getting around town to see the things we are going to see.

Here’s how we did in Chicago:

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