United’s Big Goof Up, Big Theme Park Announcements & More

Happy Sunday, y’all! Sharon and I have come across a lot of interesting travel-related articles this week – here are some of our favorites.

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It’s Time To Sign Up For Hotel Promotions

If you’re like me, there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. Because of that, I tend to put things on the back burner if they’re not due right away. So I haven’t even noticed that the hotel chains have all started their newest round of promotions. As it turns out, not all is lost as many offers are very “procrastinator friendly” this time around.  Instead of waiting until the last minute, take a few minutes right now to sign up. That’s what I’m going to do. That way you won’t forget and end up missing out on free points.

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Hotel Review: Courtyard by Marriott Knoxville Airport – Alcoa, TN

Sharon and I have stayed at some really fancy hotels. A few of them even made my list of the most memorable places we’ve ever stayed. While all of these ritzy hotels looked really nice, sometimes the service wasn’t that great. The staff often seemed to be trying so hard that their actions bordered on being robotic. Other times the service we’ve gotten at expensive hotels is just mediocre and occasionally has been really poor. In comparison, we’ve often received outstanding service at hotels in the most unexpected locations. I’m sure that almost everyone has booked a hotel somewhere because that’s where you needed to be. We were recently in such a situation and were pleasantly surprised with the service at the hotel where we stayed.

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Even I Can Get Lured Onto The Loyalty Hamster Wheel


adjective  loy·al  \ ˈlȯi(-ə)l \

Faithful to a cause, ideal, custom, institution, or product

That’s the Merriam-Webster dictionary’s definition of loyal. I think it’s important to remember this when we talk about loyalty programs. Whether it’s airlines, hotels, rental cars, restaurants, gas stations or Amazon.com, the goal of these programs is to make you loyal to their product. Even more, they’re designed to increase how loyal you are and they’re really good at it.

It used to be that you were loyal to a company because of the product they offered. That might be due to any of these reasons:

  • Price
  • Quality
  • Service

Companies decided that instead of competing only on those areas, they wanted to add another variable and the loyalty programs were created. Over the years, the programs have added many reasons for you to be “loyal” to them. Some can be viewed as rewards but others can often look more like punishments for not being loyal.

  • Discounts for members of programs
  • Special treatment on the phone and in person with dedicated staff for members
  • Upgrades to the product received
  • Free perks for members (when buying directly from the company)
  • Rewards (when buying directly from the company)

I can see the last two as being extras for members but they can also be seen as punishments for those who look for a lower price elsewhere. You might pay more by booking directly but that’s what you need to do to prove loyalty. But wait, I thought I was getting rewarded for loyalty, not having to prove that I’m loyal by paying extra. That’s not how it’s supposed to work?!?!?!

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Harry Potter Event & Booze, How to Not Get Your Global Entry Revoked + More

Hi y’all! Here are some travel articles we’ve read this week that we thought you might find interesting!

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The Company That’s Saving Lives With Leftover Hotel Soaps

Have you ever wondered what happens to the bars of soap that get left behind after you leave your hotel room? I always figured the open bars went to the garbage dump and the wrapped bars were left for the next guest. Well, that’s not necessarily the case, and in this society of trying to replace waste with recycling, that’s a great thing! It turns out there’s a company IN MY OWN FLIPPIN’ BACKYARD that’s collecting bunches of those soaps, melting them, and turning them into new bars of soap to give to people and countries in need.

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The Radisson Resort Orlando-Celebration To Become A Marriott Hotel

Radisson hotels don’t have the best reputation in the United States and are generally lower level properties that tend to be past their prime. As a part of the Carlson Hotel Group, the Radisson hotel chain has quite a long history dating back to the first hotel in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1909. Currently, the chain is part of the Radisson Hotel Group (recently renamed from the Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group). One of the biggest Radisson Hotels was right in our backyard, the Radisson Resort Orlando Celebration. This is a huge hotel complex is located just outside Walt Disney World property on RT-192 in Kissimmee, Florida.


When I was driving by the hotel recently, I noticed a change to the sign outside the hotel. The Radisson logo was gone replaced by a rather generic looking sign.

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