Hotel Chain With Free On-Demand Porn Announces Expansion

An international hotel chain that touts unique restaurants and bars, as well as shared (and private) fun, has recently announced the opening of three more hotels, bringing the number of their properties up to twelve.

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“Huge Drug Bust” At London Gatwick Turned Out To Be Something Very Different

The British Transport Police is the national police for the railways in the U.K.. Every day they watch over the journeys of over 6,000,000 passengers, with the goal of getting them home, safe and sound.

The job of the BTP has been getting more and more difficult, with a higher influx of people taking trains across England, Scotland and Wales on a daily basis. In fact, in 2018/2019, there were 68,313 notifiable crimes. However there were only 60,867 in 2017/2018, so there was an increase of 12%.

There was one crime, however, that they probably could have skipped over.

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Why Does London Have So Many Airports?

I grew up in New York City so I was always used to having 3 airports within a reasonable distance – JFK, LaGuardia and, the one closest to me, Newark. When I moved to Orlando, there was only the one big airport in town. Although if you’re willing to drive an extra 45 to 75 minutes and have greatly diminished choices of flights and airlines, Sanford and Melbourne could be options, too. But again, there are 3.

So I always thought it was pretty cool to have 3 airports within a reasonable distance, especially in light of so many cities only having 1. But now I think I’m developing airport envy, because of London? They have 6 airports. SIX! The history of all the airports in London (including some that have disappeared) is pretty cool. Here’s a funny but informative history lesson on them all…

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What It’s Like To Travel Around The World On The Four Seasons Private Jet

In February 2015, Four Seasons started their World Tour Packages that featured travel on their own luxury private jet. This was no normal Boeing 757-200; this plane was specially designed for Four Seasons and included 52 lie-flat seats and meals prepared onboard by an executive chef.

This plane would whisk travelers on around-the-world itineraries, visiting iconic landmarks and staying at world-class Four Seasons hotels along the way. The initial response from bloggers like Ben from One Mile at a Time was skepticism about who this plane and these trips were for:

And to some degree I have to wonder how much of a market there is for this. Millionaires probably couldn’t reasonably afford this, while billionaires would presumably want a more tailored experience than a month-long journey with 50 other people and no flexibility — they can just get their own jet. Maybe they’re going after “poor” hundred millionaires?

A year later, Ben wrote another article asking if the Four Seasons plane was overrated and questioning its long term viability:

But personally I’d be surprised if this business model works long term or is expanded. I’m guessing some high end travelers are trying it once out of curiosity, but long term do you really want to drop that kind of cash on such a “rigid” trip, when you could ultimately fly better airline products and have a more customized experience for less?

Well, here we are in 2019 and Four Seasons has announced they’re getting a new plane, an Airbus A321-LR, which will go into service for the trips in 2021. So I guess they’re doing OK. But how?

I was lucky enough to get to talk to someone who’s been on a Four Seasons trip. They were nice enough to share with me the pictures from their trip and even let me read the personal journal they wrote while away (yes, people still write in notebooks, and this leather-bound book was specially provided to guests by Four Seasons for just that reason).

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Unexpected Upgrade, Traveling Naked People, Petition To Save Travel Icon, & More!

Happy Wednesday to all of our travel friends, both near and far! Here are some articles we’ve read from other bloggers (and other sources) that we think you may like, as well, so we’re passing them along.

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