Rebooking A Singapore Airlines Advantage Award Ticket When Your Saver Award Waitlist Clears

Before I started planning our trip to Germany, I didn’t pay much attention to Singapore Airlines’ KrisFlyer program. I knew the basics, such as they’re partners with all three major bank’s transferrable points programs so it’s relatively easy to earn points in their program. I was also aware that Singapore opens up many more award seats to their own loyalty program members than they do to partner airlines. If I wanted to try and book flights on Singapore from New York to Frankfurt, Germany, I’d need to learn more about KrisFlyer.

Thankfully there are numerous articles about how to transfer miles to KrisFlyer from your Citi ThankYou, AMEX Membership Rewards or Chase Ultimate Rewards accounts. Once I moved enough points into my KrisFlyer account, I just had to wait for award space to open up on my desired flight.

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How To Combine Points From Two Banks To Book An Award

Since we started writing Your Mileage May Vary, several of our friends have started collecting points and miles. I feel a level of satisfaction when they’re able to go on that first award trip, partially because of our help. Just like any mentor, occasionally we’ll get a question about a topic where we don’t know the answer. While I could just say that I really don’t know about that, I like to use these situations to learn about things I hadn’t focused on before. Such was a question about how to combine points from two different bank programs.

While the answer may seem obvious if you’ve been collecting points and miles for a while, for someone just starting out this can be very confusing.

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I’m Not A Risk Taker But I Had To Give This One A Try

When it comes to earning and redeeming points and miles, my practice model might be described as low risk and moderate reward. I’m not going to go out and spend a bunch of money to try and earn miles with a plan that may or may not work. I’ll grind away earning the easy to acquire points and strategically use them where they’ll be the most valuable. In other words, I’m pretty boring.

That’s not to say we don’t fly to some amazing places in comfort, like during our trip to Australia and Japan. That’s not because I’m lucky, I just know the odds of getting the flights I want and make sure to have the miles to jump when they become available. I’ll set alerts and check daily (or more often) to see if anything changed, and patiently wait. Well, maybe not patiently.

So why then did I transfer a combination of 152,000 Amex Membership Rewards and Citi ThankYou points just for a chance to be able to book an award ticket?  Because when you even have the chance to knock off a bucket list flight on one of the most amazing planes out there, you just have to give it a shot. Continue reading “I’m Not A Risk Taker But I Had To Give This One A Try”