Our Favorite Restaurants In Central Florida That Are Off Disney/Universal Property

We know that lots of theme park fans don’t like to go off theme park property when they vacation in Central Florida. We used to be like that, too, before we lived here. Eating at a theme park is usually faster than traveling off property to dine, it keeps you immersed in the theme park experience, etc. And we get it – there are indeed some really nice places “on property” that give you awesome food and/or theming, and you get to maximize your time in the parks. But if you limit yourself to just eating on property, you are denying yourself some incredibly good eats that usually cost a fraction of Disney’s and Universal’s prices and often taste even better than anything you can get in the parks or on property.

These are some of our most favorite “off property” restaurants. We’ve listed them in alphabetical order, since it would be almost impossible to put them in order of which is
best, second best, etc., and they run the gamut in terms of price point, food type, dress requirements and distance from the parks. Many offer meals throughout the day (i.e. breakfast, lunch, brunch, high tea), although we’re specifying our experiences with them for dinner. Most are places you can’t find anywhere else (or at least have only limited locations), they’re all “not to be missed” and some, we admit, are really just for adults (we’ve included level of “kid friendliness,” based on our observations, in each of the narratives). Continue reading “Our Favorite Restaurants In Central Florida That Are Off Disney/Universal Property”

The Radisson Resort Orlando-Celebration To Become A Marriott Hotel

Radisson hotels don’t have the best reputation in the United States and are generally lower level properties that tend to be past their prime. As a part of the Carlson Hotel Group, the Radisson hotel chain has quite a long history dating back to the first hotel in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1909. Currently, the chain is part of the Radisson Hotel Group (recently renamed from the Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group). One of the biggest Radisson Hotels was right in our backyard, the Radisson Resort Orlando Celebration. This is a huge hotel complex is located just outside Walt Disney World property on RT-192 in Kissimmee, Florida.


When I was driving by the hotel recently, I noticed a change to the sign outside the hotel. The Radisson logo was gone replaced by a rather generic looking sign.

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Stay Off WDW Property & Still Have Disney Theming? Yes, You Can!

When you visit Walt Disney World, you may decide to stay on site at one of the WDW resort hotels, which gives you perks that include, among other things, being immersed in “the Disney experience” for the entire time you stay on property. In fact, even your hotel room will have a select Disney theme. Of course, a vacation/holiday comes with a relatively hefty price for that on-site hotel stay, where the cheapest “value resort” price is about $127 for a 260 square foot room.

You may instead decide to stay at an off-site hotel, which will potentially save you quite a sum of money, but, of course, doesn’t give you that “immersive Disney experience.”

But what if you could find a place to stay that offered Disney theme inside but since it was off WDW property (but only 2 miles away!), was still an overall reasonable cost? There is such a place!

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A New Discount for ICE! & This One Is For Their Florida/Kissimmee Location!

Marriott has another online offer for money off ICE! at a Gaylord Resort for this holiday season and this time it’s for their Florida/Kissimmee location, Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center!

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