How To Know For Sure Your Carry-On Bag Will Fit In The Overhead, Before You Board The Plane

It’s happened to a lot of people – they bring their carry on onto the plane and when they try to put it into the overhead compartment, it doesn’t fit.

So they have to take the walk of shame back to the gate so they can gate check their bag. For others, you have a crabby gate attendant who insists your bag won’t fit in the overhead, even though you know darn well that it will (this one happened to me. And then it happened another time.). Either way, if you have to gate check a bag that you weren’t planning on checking, you run the risk of their breaking your stuff in it that you packed with the idea that YOU were going to handle it, not them (that one happened to me, too. It didn’t end well – I had to vacuum glass shards out of my suitcase).

But travel search engine KAYAK may have invented the solution for this problem, utilizing augmented reality (AR), with an app that measures your bag before you board, which can then be compared to the exact size requirements of your plane. Take a look at how it works:

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You Can Go Kayaking In The Shadow Of The Brooklyn Bridge…And It’s FREE!!!

Sometimes you get free stuff in places and it’s nice, but really no big deal. A 1/2″ piece of fudge at every touristy fudge store in the country. A cheap Christmas ornament (with every $50 purchase). You know what I mean. But then every once in a while you get something really cool for no cost at all!

Like go kayaking near the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City. Yes, FREE in NYC!

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The Prices For Flights Drive Me Insane

I’ve booked a fair amount of airfare over the years and always try to get the best price for the flights I want. At first, I used a program called Easy SAABRE (anyone else remember that one?), that linked into the same system used by travel agents to book flights. I remember the amazement in my travel agent’s voice when I’d call her and feed her the flights I wanted to take and told her what the price should come out to be.

Alas, the days of IBM PC computers, 2400 baud modems and airlines changing fares once a week are long gone. Now prices can change from one second to the next, depending if there’s a difference of any one of many factors that go into the formula the airlines use to set their price.

So how do you beat the system?

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How To Get A Cheap Rental Car

Choosing a rental car is not the most glamorous part of vacation planning. When we travel, it usually doesn’t matter what type of car we have. I’d like something not too small and with enough room for 2 suitcases, but besides that, a car is a car.

It’s rare that we rent a fancy car like this Audi from Silvercar in Austin, TX.

There’s a law of diminishing returns when it comes to travel planning. Putting in a little extra time into the trip can either save you time, save you money or give you a better experience.  This is very true for renting a car.

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