I’m Breaking Up With The IHG Hotels PointBreaks Discount Promotion

Every three months, IHG releases a list of PointBreaks hotels that are available for the next three months to book with points at reduced rates. Originally, all the hotels on the list were available for 5,000 points a night, which was a great deal. Starting in 2018, the program was changed to include hotels available at either 5,000, 10,000 or 15,000 points a night

I still look at the list when it’s released every three months, but I’m kinda over it. While there are people who still get huge value from booking at hotels on the list, I’m just not one of those people. Your Mileage May Vary.

Here’s the reasons why I’m breaking up with the IHG PointBreaks list:

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I’m Gonna Miss The Unlimited Free Night From The IHG Credit Card

My favorite perk of the no longer available IHG Select credit card was the free night you could use at any IHG hotel worldwide. When Chase revamped the cards this year, one of the changes with the free night benefit of the new IHG Premier card was that redemptions became limited to rooms costing 40,000 points or less.

Since current cardholders were given one more year to take advantage of the unlimited night, I had to make it count.

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IHG Brings Back The Rewards Club Points Sale

Buying IHG points can be a great way to get a discount on your vacation. With this current offer, you get a 100% bonus on points purchased for anything over 30,000 points. Points are being sold at 1 cent each, meaning the cost would be 0.5 cents each

I went over the math the last time IHG had one of these sales and showed the savings possible. I don’t like to recommend buying points when you have no use for them. However at this price and the number of hotels in the IHG family, you have to work hard to lose money at this price (but it is possible).

Points purchases are run through Points.com so you don’t get any bonus for hotel purchases with your credit cards. IHG also limits points purchases to 100,000 points a year (not including the bonus points).  Here’s the LINK to the promotion. You can purchase points with this promotion from anytime after signing up until October 31, 2018.

Here are some examples of uses for IHG points.

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Our Underwhelming Offers From IHG’s New Promotion

If you don’t want to do something, just don’t do it at all. That would be my advice to IHG after looking at the offers I just received. Don’t get me wrong, earning more points is always better than earning less points. However if you’re going to put out a promotion where I have to log in and enroll to see my personalized offer, it better be worth the time it takes me to do so. This IHG offer wasn’t.

More importantly, it doesn’t make me want to spend any more money at IHG hotels that I otherwise would have, which is the main reason to have a promotion, isn’t it?

Candlewood Suites New Braunfels

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Why You Should Consider Buying IHG Points Before The Current Sale Ends This Wednesday

IHG Hotels Rewards Club points are one of the only type of points I will consider purchasing. In my experience, it’s very easy to find value with the points and I’ve even said that IHG is the most useful hotel program out there for our travels. I had almost forgotten that IHG has been running a special on purchasing points which is coming to an end this Wednesday, August 22, 2018. The offer targets members with bonuses on point purchases ranging from 50% to 100%. If you’re lucky enough to get the 100% bonus, here’s why you should consider taking advantage of it:

Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 9.54.30 PM

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