How To Bring “Must Stay Cold” Food (And Medicine!) In Your Carry-On

Everyone has their favorite foods from certain places, whether it’s bratwurst from Wisconsin, kielbasi from New Jersey or Aunt Mary’s famous lasagna. They taste great while you’re visiting, but bringing them home with you on a plane could be difficult because of the need for refrigeration for all those hours. For Joe and I, a perfect example is when we bring home meat from one of our most favorite restaurants in Texas, a BBQ place called The Salt Lick. For the first several years we did this, we always worried if how we packed it would keep the food cold enough for several hours to still be safe to eventually eat. But by now we’ve pretty much perfected our technique, and we’re happy to share it with you.

Oh, and the cool thing is that the same technique works if you need to bring medication on the plane that has to stay cold!
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A Humorous Look At Disney Parks’ New Rules On Smoking, Ice and Strollers

You may have read in the past day or two that the Walt Disney Company released some new rules that will be going into effect in regards to where smoking will be allowed, bringing ice into the parks to keep items cold, and limits on the size and style of strollers (although they don’t specify anything by name in the post, Keenz stroller wagons will no longer be allowed) that can be brought into the parks at Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

The full list of new rules can be found if you click here to get to Disney’s website.

Joe and I don’t smoke, bring ice or use a stroller in the park so the new rules won’t affect us at all, but my first thoughts went to those small mom-and-pop companies in Central Florida, that are unaffiliated with Disney, that rent Keenz stroller wagons, the large “Fantasy Strollers” that are shaped like a princess’s carriage and the “Spaceship” style strollers that look like the nose cone of the Millenium Falcon. Hopefully they’ll do OK with the change.

Hard core Disney fans appear to have some very strong opinions about these changes, and I’ve seen debates and even memes about why each new rule is good or bad. But this was my most favorite response of all…

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We Went To ICE! At The Gaylord Palms – The Scenes From A Christmas Story Were AMAZING! But…

It’s no secret that A Christmas Story is my #1 most favorite Christmas movie of all time. We watch the movie every year (usually more than once), we’ve been to A Christmas Story House in Cleveland (where they filmed a lot of the outdoor scenes), we have a Christmas tree dedicated to only A Christmas Story ornaments and I even have every single piece that Department 56 ever made for their A Christmas Story village. So when I found out that the theme this year for ICE! at the Gaylord Palms was A Christmas Story, I was more than a little excited.

ICE!’s opening day was November 16th and Joe was scheduled to be off from work (HAPPY DANCE!), so we went. Here’s what we saw…

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Our Weekly Recap: 9/17/17 – 9/23/17

Another week has come and gone and woohoo, it’s the weekend! Here’s a quick recap of our posts from the past week:

Joe wrote about:

Sharon wrote about:

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Save Up To 40% on Tickets to Gaylord Resort’s “ICE!” 72 HOUR FLASH SALE!

It’s never too early for Christmas, right? Well OK, I know some people who are saying “YES!!!” very, very loudly right now. But when one of the Gaylord Resorts is offering up to 40% off its tickets to ICE! during a 72-hour online flash sale, perhaps it can be Christmas in September for a little bit.

Here are the details:

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