“Motion Sensor Hotel Thermostats Make Your Room More Comfortable,” Says Company That Manufactures Them

If you’ve ever stayed at a hotel where the thermostat was controlled by a motion sensor, you know the unpleasant feeling of walking into a hot room when all you want to do is sit down and relax after a long day. If you’re like me, you’d think the reason for these devices besides making our lives miserable is to save the hotel money. If they don’t have to run the air conditioning unit to cool the room all day, that’s reducing the electric cost and increasing the profit for the hotel.

Not so, says a blog post by Lodging Technology. Motion-sensing thermostats actually increase the comfort of the room by controlling humidity levels, so turning off the AC during the day is a good thing. Coming as no surprise to me, Lodging Technology is a company that manufacturers the thermostats along with other technology products for hotels, so reading their spin about why these products are beneficial was eye-opening.

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Why Are Some Hotel Rooms So Damp?

There’s a feeling when you step foot into a a hotel room for the first time. It’s like a reveal on one of those shows on HGTV; who knows what’s behind the door? Is it an amazingly nice room or is it a dingy space with a garbage bin from the hotel down the block? (we actually had this happen to us in a London hotel).

What’s even worse is when you walk into a hotel room and the climate control just isn’t right. Sure, there are some hotels that set the thermostat too high when no one’s in the room but that’ll eventually be resolved. The absolute worst is when you walk into a room that’s cool but just feels damp…

Or should I say, MOIST


Personally, I have no problems with the word although I know there are a whole bunch of people who hate it with a passion. While I don’t hate the word, I do hate a moist room. (Ewwwwww)

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