Why Do Hotels Charge For Parking? And How Can You Get Around Having To Pay For It?

Your trip is all planned – your hotel deposit is paid for, and you know how much your taxes and hotel fees are going to be. You drive to your destination and then you’re reminded about something you forgot to take into consideration – overnight parking charges.


Why DO hotels charge you for parking, anyway? And what can you to avoid having to pay it? Well…

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WDW’s “Just Kidding!,” Video of “The Unbookable Room,” & More!

Happy Sunday, travel friends! Here are some articles we’ve read this week from other bloggers (and other sources) that we think you may like, as well, so we’re passing them along.

Looking for Hotels Near Disneyland? We’ve Got What May Be The Ultimate List, With Reviews!

Unlike Walt Disney World on the east coast, Disneyland (DL) doesn’t have a whole heck of a lot of hotels on its property. Nope, just three. You’ve got the iconic Disneyland Hotel, Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel and Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa. That’s it. All three hotels are perfectly nice, but they’re definitely not cheap and you can expect to pay several hundred dollars per night to stay at any of them…if they’re not sold out.

Fortunately, Disneyland is surrounded by lots and LOTS of hotels that can fit nearly every need a person would have, varying from price, to whether or not you want a suite, closeness to Disneyland’s main gate, whether or not you want to use points, etc. But with so many choices, how do you decide?

If you do a search on the ‘net, you can find bunches of pages with “The Best 7 (or 8, or 10 or 15) Hotels Near Disneyland,” but that only gives you a handful in relation to how many hotels there are surrounding The Happiest Place on Earth.

We found a website that can help a whole lot more.

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What’s The Strangest Thing You’ve Seen In A Hotel Room?

Most hotel stays are uneventful and that’s a good thing. Occasionally you’ll have a memorable stay at a really nice place and other times you’ll endure a night somewhere that “did not live up to expectations” and that’s life.

Sometimes you win and find a hotel like Chambers Park Place in Leeds, UK
Other times you end up staying at the Holiday Inn Kensington Forum in London, UK – just look at that modern telly, the spacious beds and the 12″ of space between the two. At least the TV worked during our second stay. Yes, we stayed there more than once. Totally not our fault – it was part of a package arrangement when we sang at the Royal Albert Hall.

However, there can also be that hotel you remember for that ONE thing that made it, different or unique or just flat out weird. I’m not talking about cultural differences like a bidet or tea kettle. I’m talking about things you’ve never seen before.

With some contributions from our friend Steve, here are some of the things we’ve found in hotel rooms that to this day make us scratch our heads in bewilderment.

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Should You Stay Onsite Or Offsite At Walt Disney World? (a.k.a. Is Staying Onsite At WDW Worth It?)

The cost of a Walt Disney World (WDW) vacation has increased exponentially over the years.  Although “being in the Disney bubble” and staying at a Disney-owned hotel on property is preferable, if not downright mandatory for some, for others it means taking a long, hard look at all the circumstances, including finances.

Before Joe and I moved to Orlando, we were visiting WDW upwards of 6 times a year. Most of those were just long weekends, and some were trips where we stayed on property, and for others, we’d stay off site. We rented a car whether we stayed on or off property, because we found it faster and more convenient than using Disney’s bus system (heads up this was before the advent of Disney’s Magical Express, Minnie Vans, or ride sharing). But whatever the case, we can definitely say we experienced both sides of the on/off property coin. Even since moving to Orlando in 2002, we’ve spoken to dozens of friends over the years, some who’ve stayed on site, some who’ve stayed off property, and some who, like we used to do, have done one sometimes and the other at other times. So besides our own, admittedly older experiences, we have can drawn from the more recent experiences of our friends. Here are our thoughts…

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