That Time When It Almost Became Law To Use Fitted Sheets In Hotels

A while back, I wrote an article about why hotels don’t use fitted sheets. During my research, I discovered there actually are several legitimate reasons why most hotels use flat sheets.

Now, I won’t say that all hotels use flat sheets – after that article went to press, one of our readers said that that two Marriott she recently stay at both used fitted sheets. And the Best Western I stayed at in Rhode Island not long ago also had fitted sheets.

Really crappy pic of my Best Western fitted sheets // PC: Me

But did you know that a decade or so ago, a bill was proposed that, had it passed, it would have ensured that ALL sheets in hotel rooms, at least in California, would have been fitted?

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My Unusual Toilet Encounter At The Epicurean Hotel

We enjoyed our short stay at the Epicurean Hotel in Tampa a while back. However during our visit, I think I discovered one of THE most poorly designed bathrooms in the state.

We were hanging out on one of their 2nd-floor terraces when nature started calling, so I walked to the elevator and up to the 4th floor. Since there was a bar (named “Edge”) there, I figured there would, therefore, be facilities, as well. And I was right – there was a men’s room and a ladies’ room right off the elevator.

I opened the door to the ladies’ room and the room was dark but as I stepped in to look for the light switch, the light suddenly went on automatically. I was then able to see that the “regular” light switch had been replaced with something different, so I surmised that in an attempt to save money on electricity when no one was actually in the bathroom be green, the light was controlled by a motion sensor. Interesting. Continue reading “My Unusual Toilet Encounter At The Epicurean Hotel”

Review: PacSafe Portable Safe (Because Hotel Safes May Not Be All That Safe)

NOTE: This is not an advertisement and we were not compensated for this post — we purchased this item on our own volition and wanted to write about it.

A while back, I wrote this post, which detailed why your hotel safe might not be as safe as you’d like to think. It included YouTube videos of how to easily open a variety of locked hotel safes, as well as some viable alternatives to hotel safes. Full disclosure: it was totally a “do as I say, not as I do” post, because although I brought my laptop with me during all of my travel, I was still putting it in the hotel safe (or worse, in the bottom of my suitcase, under the clothes, because nobody would EVER look there, right? #rolleyes). I know, I know…bad Sharon! So I decided to put my money where my mouth was and bought a PacSafe brand Travelsafe 12L GII portable safe a while back. Here’s my review of it.

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A Dozen Ultimate Hotel Fails

Some hotels are better than others. We know that and it’s to be expected that some hotels are going to be amazing and others maybe a little less so. But sometimes we find ourselves in a hotel room that goes, instead of above our expectations, way, way below it. Like these…

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