Hotel Review: Best Western West Greenwich Inn, West Greenwich, RI

People travel for many reasons. Sometimes it’s to see an amazing place. Other times people want to see a bucket list event, like going to the northern lights or going to see Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden. There are also times when you travel just so you can spend time with those whom you dearly care for. They might be your family, friends or even people whom you’ve never met IRL (In Real Life).

Such is the age we live in that we can become with friends with people whom we’ve never met and there is something special about finally get to see those people in person. That was the reason Sharon traveled to Rhode Island.

The location of the hotel was the most important thing for this trip and since she was dependent on the rest of the group for transportation (renting a car for only herself seemed a waste of money) it made sense to stay at the same place as everyone else.

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Hotel Review: La Quinta Inn & Suites by Wyndham West Palm Beach Airport

I needed a room for a single night in West Palm Beach after going to see a concert at the Coral Sky Amphitheater, an open air facility on the grounds of the South Florida Fairgrounds. My requirements for the stay were that it needed to be close to the concert, inexpensive for a single night stay, and clean and safe enough for me to want to stay there.

I did some searches and several hotels fit the bill. After some back and forth reading reviews, I decided to go with this one:

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Hotel Review: AC Hotel New York Downtown

We needed a hotel in New York for a quick weekend trip. We were only staying two nights and wouldn’t be in the room much. We’d also be heading out of our normal area to visit Peter Luger Steak House in Brooklyn. With a seemingly endless number of possibilities, my focus narrowed when I saw an AMEX Offer for $40 back when spending $200 on a Marriott branded hotel. I looked for a hotel which would cost just over $200 per night and I found one.

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Does Reading Reviews Diminish Your Travel Experiences?

First of all, please keep reading reviews. Particularly ours and the ones from other BoardingArea bloggers but also those on TripAdvisor, Oyster and whatever other sites you want.

The question I’m asking is can reading too many reviews diminish our enjoyment from traveling? I’ll use hotel reviews as an example. For a popular hotel, it’s possible to find online reviews that will show you almost every inch of the hotel from the exterior to the lobby and full views of the room including the bathroom, closet and coffee maker. You’ll know exactly what you’re getting before you even go. Does that take away the wow factor we used to get when walking into a place not having any idea of what we were getting?

I’m writing this because I’m currently wrestling with this issue myself, after our recent trip to London and a stay at the St. Pancras Renaissance hotel. Here’s our review of the stay 🙂. While I had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed our stay, I had a sense the whole time that somehow we were missing out on something. Here’s why:


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Hotel Review: St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel London – Junior Suite

For our trip to London, choosing a hotel was one of the easiest things I had to do. Knowing that we were staying for five nights, I immediately started to think about hotels where I could get a free night. The Citi Prestige gives the fourth night free on paid stays but I didn’t want to pay for a hotel this trip. Hilton offers the fifth night free on award stays for anyone with Silver status and above, but I didn’t have enough Hilton points for a long stay in London. If you have the IHG Premier credit card, you get the fourth night free on award stays but we still have the older Select version of the IHG card so that wasn’t an option either.

The other program that offers a fifth night free on award stays is Marriott Bonvoy. We had plenty of Marriott points and I’m trying to burn them in a smart way before the first points devaluation (already past) and the future implementation of Off Peak and Peak pricing.

Once I narrowed my focus to Marriott, there was one hotel on our list of places we really wanted to stay.

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