Why I’m Excited About The Current Hilton Honors Promotion

On September 9th, Hilton started their end of 2019 promotion. It’s not much different from their past offers. The Power Up promotion offers double base points on all stays between September 9, 2019 and January 5, 2020. If you use a Hilton Honors American Express card to pay for your stay, you’ll earn triple base points.

Normally, I’d say this promotion is rather bland and since Hilton points are only worth 1/2 cent each, it’s not much of an incentive to change any upcoming stays to a Hilton property.

Well, things change and now I’m really excited about this promotion.

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Accelerate Is Back! Sign Up For The Next IHG Promotion Now

IHG promotions have gone from being one of the most interesting offers out there to just plain disappointing. After flipping the script and encouraging people to find ways to maximize promotions, they went away from that formula last summer and came out with some yawners like Double Points Plus More or Easy Like Summer which provided a discount over normal rates and a gas discount (for which I never received my code).

In January 2019, IHG came back with an Accelerate promotion, but they didn’t call it Accelerate. Instead, they called it Free Nights, Faster. Our offers for that deal weren’t anything worthwhile so I was hoping the next promo would bring something good.

Offers for the current Accelerate promotion must be completed between May 1, 2019, and August 31, 2019 (both dates inclusive). You need to register for the promotion by June 18, 2019.

To register, click on THIS LINK

Here are the offers we received:

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Sign Up Now For Hilton’s Summer Promotion

Summertime is usually a slow time for hotel promotions. Leisure travel is up and there’s not as much need to fill hotel rooms as there is in the middle of January. However, bonus point promos from hotels are apparently going to be here year round, if Hilton is any indication. The current Hilton promotion, Points Unlimited, ends on May 5th.

Not wasting any time, Hilton is currently accepting sign-ups for their new promotion, “Go More, Get More,” which starts on May 6th and runs through September 8, 2019.

You can sign up for the promotion by clicking on this link.

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IHG’s Current Promotion Has A New Name But It’s More Of The Same

The IHG Hotel chain has been all over the chart with their hotel promotions over the last few years. Their recent promotions have been duds, like the just finished Double Points Plus More or the Easy Like Summer promotion before it. it looks like IHG is going back to the well and bringing back the popular Accelerate promo but giving it a new name, Free Nights. Faster. Or maybe it’s called Reward Nights Faster because that’s the name of the promotion on the email after I registered.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved the old Accelerate promos because of how they worked. It just seems that now IHG has managed to suck all of the fun out of them and I’m not impressed.

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Sign Up Now To Earn Bonus Hilton Points

There have been ongoing promotions for bonus Hilton Honors points for stays at their hotels for at least the last two years or so. The current promotion, which was offering double points on all stays and triple points on resort stays, is still running through January 3, 2019. It was about time that Hilton announced their new promotion if they were planning on having one.

Wouldn’t you know, I just received this in my email:

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