The Hotels Near Walt Disney World (WDW) Where You Can Use Your IHG Credit Card Free Night

One of the big changes that happened when the IHG Rewards Club Premier card was launched was the introduction of a cap on the free night certificate earned every year on your card anniversary. While the certificate was previously good at any IHG property, it’s now only good at IHG hotels with a redemption point level of 40,000 points or less. While that may take away your ability to use the certificate at many luxury hotels in big cities, there’s still many hotels where you can get a free night. Several of those hotels are right outside of Walt Disney World (WDW) property.

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Disney Area Hotel Sale For First Responders Expanded To Other Professions

When you hear the term “first responders,” you usually think of paramedics, emergency medical technicians (EMTs), police officers, firefighters and rescuers. Well, the Disney Springs Resort Area Hotels apparently think that list should be a little bit longer, so to hail these American heroes, they’re offering their First Responder Sale to U.S. citizens in those professions, as well as to doctors, nurses and 911 dispatchers.

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Credit Card Review: IHG Rewards Club Premier

The IHG Rewards Club Select credit card from Chase had some of the most valuable benefits of any card out there. Just for paying the $49 a year annual fee, you received a free night at any IHG hotel worldwide, Platinum IHG status and a 10% rebate on reward stays. As what eventually happens to all great things, the Rewards Club Select card is no longer (well, it’s no longer available for new applications). So what about it’s new, flashy replacement, the IHG Rewards Club Premier Credit Card? Continue reading “Credit Card Review: IHG Rewards Club Premier”

How To Override Hotel Thermostat Settings

As we wrote a while back, modern hotel thermostats are, in a word, a pain. Well over a decade ago, we noticed the kind of thermostat where you were supposed to put your room key into a slot to keep the air conditioning (and sometimes the electricity!) running, which meant when you were out of the room, your A/C wouldn’t run and when you got back, the room would be uncomfortable. That one was easy to override because just about ANY card worked in the slot ;).

As modern technology got more advanced, they started building motion sensors into hotel thermostats, which meant that not only did you have to be in the room for the A/C to work, you had to be moving around…so if you were sleeping and woke up in the middle of the night, the room could be uncomfortable because unless they were sleepwalking, no one had moved around in several hours.

And then there are the thermostats that have upper or lower limits that you can’t bypass so the room won’t get warmer or colder than the hotel wants. Oh great, that way we can be uncomfortable in our room while we’re wide awake, too!

Fortunately, electronic-savvy travelers have made it their business to figure out how to override these nuisance thermostats so we can be in our hotel rooms more comfortably. Here are some hacks for some of the most popular brands at some of the more popular hotels:

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Flash Sale! Buy IHG Points For 0.5 Cents Each

IHG, the parent company of Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza and the Intercontinental hotels, is having a flash sale to buy points for the IHG Rewards Club program. They’re offering a 100% bonus on purchased miles for now until March 22, 2018. I’m not a big fan of purchasing miles without a use in mind but it’s really easy to get at least 0.5 cents per point value out of IHG points. For a while, I found IHG points to be the best value of any hotel program.

I maxed out my IHG point purchase last year when I bought 60,000 points during one of these 100% bonus promotions, ending up with 120,000 IHG points in my account. Unfortunately, those points are still sitting there. I don’t feel that was a bad purchase; I haven’t found a good time to redeem them. I did lose out by holding on to them because the value of my points decreased when IHG increased the points needed to redeem a free night at several hotels we like to stay at.

I’m still going to buy points again during this flash sale. Why?

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