Hotel Review: Hampton Inn NY-JFK – Jamaica, NY

The Hampton Inn NY-JFK is located just outside of New York’s JFK airport. Choosing an airport hotel can be tough because many of the reviews are from people who were arriving the night before for an early morning flight, had an overnight connection or were stranded due to a delay. The Hampton Inn JFK is also used by several different airline crews as an overnight stop. Therefore many of the reviews are the same, saying how it’s okay for the night and all they needed was a place to stay.

For me, the Hampton Inn JFK was my base for a 15-night work trip. I guess when your work location has no hotels nearby, the corporate travel agent just puts you up at the nearest airport hotel.

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Hotel Chains Are Adding All-Inclusive Properties But They’re Just Not For Me

All-inclusive resorts seem to be all the rage with hotel chains right now. These are resorts where you get all your meals and activities at the resort included for a single price. For me, it’s like a cruise ship without the ship.

For those of us in the U.S., when you mention an all-inclusive resort, the first thing to come to mind is the Caribbean.  Places like Club Med and Sandals have been advertising their vacations to those living in the Northeast for decades. There are literally hundreds of all-inclusive resorts scattered around the Caribbean. The thing is, most of these hotels are independently owned or part of a small chain. Therefore, they aren’t accessible to book with hotel points. That is, until now.

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Seven Things I Learned After A Two Week Work Assignment

My job doesn’t usually involve travel. If I didn’t volunteer for these out of town assignments, I’d be able to stay home and work my normal schedule. However, I can’t pass up the chance to act as a mentor and share my years of experience to new people with the company. The fact that my employer is willing to fly me around the country, pay for my hotel, meals and transportation expenses is just a bonus. I also get to find out what it would be like if I had a job where I was required to be on the road.

My first trip was for one week and I worked almost non-stop the whole time I was away. I’m not a spring chicken and a 75 hour week surrounded by two travel days was enough for me. Here are five of the things I learned from that experience.

This time there was the opportunity for a two-week assignment in Brooklyn, NY. The work schedule was more favorable, requiring me to only work a 40 hour week. After getting approval from Sharon, I applied for it and was accepted.

Then the realization that I was going to be away from home for two weeks began to set in. What did I sign myself up for?

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First Impressions After Using Lyft For Two Weeks Instead Of Uber

When planning a trip, I’ll obsess for longer than I should over which hotel to stay at or which airline to fly on. However, when I’m traveling, I try not to overcomplicate things. That’s why until now, I’ve never bothered to sign up for Lyft. I have an account with Uber and while their system causes me to worry about my user rating, I’m generally happy with the service I receive from drivers. Well, those who don’t try to overcharge me by going a different route or don’t even pick me up at all, anyway.

I’ve found that many drivers work with both Uber and Lyft so what’s the difference between the two? I didn’t want to have another app on my phone to worry about. Well, that was until I went on a work trip where I needed to use ride-sharing services to get from my hotel to my worksite every day. When I tried to add my corporate credit card with Uber, it wouldn’t work and since Uber’s solution was to “try another card,” I did something different. I signed up for Lyft.

I used the service for my work rides for two weeks, along with taking personal rides with them and with Uber. Here are my impressions of the two competing services for rides in the same area around the same time.

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Seven Apps You Need to Have When Traveling

Your Smartphone is an extremely valuable tool to help you when traveling. To maximize its functionality, you need to have the right apps installed and make sure they’re updated before you leave. Here’s a list of apps I use all the time when I’m out of town and I couldn’t imagine traveling any other way.

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