Barack Obama: Former U.S. President & A Fan Of Hampton Inn Hotels? Apparently So!

I miss Barack Obama as President of the United States. I don’t even mean from a political point of view – seriously, with exceptions here and there, I’ve historically liked some things that each of our Presidents have done and disliked others. But all that set aside, Obama presented as being, well, normal. He was funny. He’d play with kids. Help little old ladies. Tease people. Sing Amazing Grace at South Carolina State Sen. Clementa Pinckney‘s funeral.

He seemed like he was relatable. As if he was “one of us.” A regular, everyday kind of guy.

Of course, his basic persona is still the same, even if he isn’t POTUS anymore. And that shone through the other day, when he was speaking at a conference in Atlanta. I don’t know the context of how it came up, but apparently, he really likes Hampton Inns.

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What’s Your Favorite Hotel In San Francisco?

I’m starting to look at travel plans for 2020 and one of the places to go that’s on our list is San Francisco.

We’ve visited many times before. The first few times in town we stayed at bed and breakfast places which were nice but weren’t cheap. The last time we visited, I was able to book a points & cash rate with Starwood at The Palace Hotel, part of the Luxury Collection.


While it was a very nice hotel, we’re always looking for new places to stay.

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Hotel Review: Hampton Inn NY-JFK – Jamaica, NY

The Hampton Inn NY-JFK is located just outside of New York’s JFK airport. Choosing an airport hotel can be tough because many of the reviews are from people who were arriving the night before for an early morning flight, had an overnight connection or were stranded due to a delay. The Hampton Inn JFK is also used by several different airline crews as an overnight stop. Therefore many of the reviews are the same, saying how it’s okay for the night and all they needed was a place to stay.

For me, the Hampton Inn JFK was my base for a 15-night work trip. I guess when your work location has no hotels nearby, the corporate travel agent just puts you up at the nearest airport hotel.

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Why I’m Excited About The Current Hilton Honors Promotion

On September 9th, Hilton started their end of 2019 promotion. It’s not much different from their past offers. The Power Up promotion offers double base points on all stays between September 9, 2019 and January 5, 2020. If you use a Hilton Honors American Express card to pay for your stay, you’ll earn triple base points.

Normally, I’d say this promotion is rather bland and since Hilton points are only worth 1/2 cent each, it’s not much of an incentive to change any upcoming stays to a Hilton property.

Well, things change and now I’m really excited about this promotion.

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