Why Denver International Airport (DEN) Is The Coolest Airport Ever

Denver International Airport has always had a reputation for being, I dunno…strange? Weird? Enough of “something” where conspiracy theorists have had a field day with DEN since its opening day in 1995:

  • The runway shape (some people say it looks like a swastika).
  • The “marking” on its floor that some people interpreted as the symbol of a new strain of hepatitis that could be used for biological warfare (I kid you not).
  • The dedication marker with the Freemasons symbol and a mention of the  “New World Airport Commission” (an entity that doesn’t exist. It’s been said that was purposely done to mess with the conspiracy theorists LOL!).
  • The abandoned tunnels and underground bunker beneath the airport that might have been intended the headquarters for “something” – the Illuminati? New World Order? Neo-Nazis? Reptoids? Who knows?
  • Really weird art that’s been called, “alien languages, soldiers in gas masks oppressing peasants, and Freemasons plaques”

It’s the latest edition of the latter that makes me want to go to DEN and see it in person. You see, DEN recently commissioned a new piece of art for its 24th birthday and it’s like nothing ever seen there before.

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This May Be The Funniest Map Of Walt Disney World That You’ll Ever See

WARNING: If you’re serious about your Walt Disney World fandom and can’t appreciate some dark humor when the Magic Kingdom is the topic, then by all means, PLEASE skip this post! But if you have an open mind, and can appreciate a little satire, irony and a gleam in an artist’s eye, even when it’s at the expense of The Most Magical Place On Earth and its surrounding areas, then, by all means, keep on reading!
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Virgin America: This Is One Of The Biggest Reasons Why We Miss It

Virgin America was integrated into Alaska Airlines in 2018 but we still miss it. As part of Richard Branson’s line of “Virgin” brands, the company’s slogan was, “A Breath of Fresh Airline.” And it really was. It was a “fun” airline – they were “on a mission to make flying good again” and they did it with purple mood lighting (before anyone else was using that kind of lighting in their planes), altruism such as #TinyDogsTinyFares Cyber Monday (when they offered of up to 30% off flights nationwide and then donated $10 from every booking made on its website to animal shelter partners) and, of course, the infamous “Virgin America Safety Dance” pre-flight safety video:

Virgin America was voted By Travel + Leisure as Best U.S. Airline for 10 years in a row and there’s really no wonder. Their prices were good. They didn’t take themselves too seriously. And best of all, they didn’t allow their employees to take themselves too seriously – an example of this is one of the things I miss the most…

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What Was This Hotel Room Designer THINKING????

It must be a thankless job to be a hotel room designer. Either you’re trying to make a cookie cutter hotel room seem interesting and inviting, or you’re having to shoehorn a design into a hotel that has a seemingly infinite number of different room configurations. You’re also trying to maximize the functionality of the room with a limited amount of space, while at the same time trying to remain current with design trends. AND you’re trying to please different masters – keeping the hotel executives happy while pleasing hotel guests.

While I can usually see the thought process behind many decisions (except removing desks from hotel rooms; that’s just dumb), I found a hotel room that had a layout where I just couldn’t believe no one noticed this major design flaw.

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The Joys Of An Unexpected Upgrade

It doesn’t happen to all of us, but every once in a while the airline gods smile on someone and, for whatever reason, they get an upgrade.

Here’s what happened when an impressionable traveler experienced a world a luxuries he didn’t know existed, when he got an unexpected upgrade:

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