Orlando International Airport (MCO) Reports Addition of New Airline With Daily Non-Stops

MCO (Orlando international Airport) has been under a LOT of construction in recent years. They’ve been updating the existing terminals, unveiling new monorails and restaurants, and are in the midst of building a $2.15 billion expansion in the form of a brand-new South Terminal. The addition of this new airline is just the icing on the MCO cake.

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Some of The Corniest Travel Valentines Ever

So yeah, today is Valentine’s Day. It’s one of those holidays that means different things to different people, but regardless of how or if you celebrate, I think we can all agree that silly Valentine’s wishes are kind of fun to read. And if they’re travel related? Even better! Here are a bunch of REALLY corny, cheesy, punny Valentines I found on the ‘net:

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Some Of The Weirdest Hotel Requests Ever

When you check in to a motel or hotel, most desk clerks make an effort to say something to the effect of, “If there’s anything we can do to make your visit better, let us know.” Some places don’t mean it, of course (“Hi! Do you have feather pillows here at Motel 6? You don’t? Oh, OK.”) and sometimes the requests are easy, like getting an extra set of towels. And then there are these people who sometimes ask for a little something more…some do it for fun, some are dead serious. All are really funny!

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When You’re Staying At A Hotel, Don’t Be Like “Naked Guy”

When you leave your hotel room for the day, there’s a bunch of stuff you may want to bring with you…wallet, jacket, anything you may need for the day, etc. But if you’re just putting your room service tray outside your room, you may think your door will stay open, so you might not bring your key. Especially when

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Disney Discounts From Your Employer, How The Bellagio Fountains Work + More…

And all of a sudden, BOOM, it’s a new year! I know we’re all hoping 2018 will be better than 2017. Meanwhile, here is a quick recap of the posts we wrote this week:

This week Joe wrote about:

And Sharon wrote about:

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A Humorous Look At First Class Travel (For The Rest Of Us)

For some people in the points/miles/travel world, flying First Class is an everyday occurrence to the point where it’s no big deal to them. Maybe they have a bajillion miles because they churn credit cards and know how to spend well or something like that. Or maybe they’re fortunate enough to be able to spend the ridiculous amount of money airlines ask for a First Class seat. Or maybe their company is willing to foot that bill. Perhaps they’re able to pull First Class every once in a great while, with careful frequent flyer mile savings. Or perhaps they’re like most of us who might get to glance at the First Class section while walking to Coach, but that’s as close as we get.

Welp, for the rest of us, here’s a funny (and clean!) video of a “only see First Class as they pass by it” passenger during his very first experience in First Class, as well as after he landed:

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75 Of The Funniest Announcements Made By Airline Employees

Pilots and flight attendants have very important jobs to do, most of which have something to do, in some way, shape or form, with our safety. But that’s not to say all of these airline staff members are super serious. In fact, there’s probably little that would be further from the truth. Now, I don’t know who submitted these quotes to the internet over the years or where any of them came from, so please forgive me for not giving credit where credit may be due. But for your reading pleasure, here are a whole bunch of things these flight attendants, pilots and occasionally other airline staff or customers have said that might make you giggle. Enjoy!

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