75 Of The Funniest Announcements Made By Airline Employees

Pilots and flight attendants have very important jobs to do, most of which have something to do, in some way, shape or form, with our safety. But that’s not to say all of these airline staff members are super serious. In fact, there’s probably little that would be further from the truth. Now, I don’t know who submitted these quotes to the internet over the years or where any of them came from, so please forgive me for not giving credit where credit may be due. But for your reading pleasure, here are a whole bunch of things these flight attendants, pilots and occasionally other airline staff or customers have said that might make you giggle. Enjoy!

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Traveling The World, One Photobomb At A Time

My name is Sharon and I am a habitual photobomber. I hung out at the Adventurers Club, an interactive comedy club at WDW’s now-defunct Pleasure Island (nowadays the whole area is part of the “Disney Springs” shopping and dining district) for about 16 years and managed to photobomb literally hundreds and hundreds of people taking pictures inside the much-loved attraction. I’ve only found one online so far:
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Some of The Most Awesome Airport Pickup Signs Ever

Sometimes I’ll Google something just for fun. My name (to see what mischief I’ve been up to now). A T.V. show I watched when I was a little kid, or someone in it as a, “whatever happened to?” sort of quest. And last week, just for the heck of it, I Googled “airport pickup signs.” Some of them were REALLY great so I felt like I just had to share! Here’s a mixture of clever, funny and heartwarming…enjoy!

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Famous Last Words: “Hooray, I’m In Boarding Group One!”

I’ve already written a post about my disdain of the “cattle call” methodology of getting onto a plane. Oh sure, SouthWest and United have figured out ways to make it more bearable but for most of the other airlines, it’s still a matter of everyone standing by the gates, waiting for their group to be called. It sure can one LLLOOONNNGGG wait, though, even if you’re in Boarding Group 1, as the man in this video quickly discovered:
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These Funny Town Names Sound NSFW, But They’re Really Not

In an effort of full disclosure, please know there’s not one bad/dirty/NSFW word or phrase in this post. However there are some words that may or may have homonyms that might be a wee (or more than just a wee) bit suggestive, at least in the eyes of some of you, our dear readers. That’s not our fault ;-). Your mileage may vary, and you have been warned. And now on with the blog post…
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“Dear RyanAir,”: The Funniest Complaint Letter Ever Written To An Airline

If you’ve read this travel blog for any length of time, you may notice that we try to do things “our way.” That’s simply because this blog is really an extension of us.  Joe will write about points and miles because he’s into that and I will often write about “human interest” travel stuff because that’s what I like (and yeah, the weirder the better). And both of us will call a spade a spade and if we don’t like something, we’ll say it. Such is the case with RyanAir.
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Not For Disney Fans Only (and other things for the amusement of travel fans)

WARNING: If you are serious about your Walt Disney World fandom and can’t appreciate some dark humor when the Magic Kingdom is the topic, then by all means, PLEASE skip this post! But if you have an open mind, and can appreciate a little cynicism, irony and a gleam in an artist’s eye, even when it’s at the expense of The Most Magical Place On Earth and its surrounding areas, then, by all means, keep on reading!
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