Buyer Beware: Do Your Homework Before Booking a Flight With A “Basic” Fare

I’ve been doing some serious planning for our upcoming domestic travels. Since I’ve booked most of our recent flights on Southwest or JetBlue, two of our favorite airlines, I haven’t been paying much attention to changes the major airlines like American, Delta and United have made to their basic economy fares. I know they started to offer bare bone, or basic airfares, claiming that this will help them remain competitive with low cost airlines.

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What’s The Best U.S.-Based Airline?

When booking an airline ticket, you usually have a choice between several airlines and the question of which airline is best will go through your head. You might always fly on one airline, maybe you have status with them, or you have their co-brand credit card and get a free bag and preferred boarding. Whatever the reason, you have a reason. For me, it’s a little more difficult. I have co-brand credit cards from almost every airline. I have no status with any of the airlines and I’m not looking to achieve any status level either. For me, I’m looking about the flight experience with the airline and price. So that means I’m looking for the lowest price but I’m willing to pay more for an airline that I’d prefer to fly with. Please understand that these ratings are mine alone (with some serious input from Sharon since I’m not a stupid husband) (Note from Sharon: Yup. Happy wife = happy life, my love!). Your situation and rankings might be totally opposite from mine (ours). That’s OK because like many things, Your Mileage May Vary. 

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Frontier Airlines Elite 20K Status After Two Flights

Check your email because today Sharon and I both received offers to earn Frontier Elite 20K status after taking two round trip flights. Considering that you’d usually need to fly 20,000 miles on Frontier (or spend $20,000 on the Frontier Credit Card) to achieve this status, it’s a pretty good deal.  This may be a targeted offer because the emails contained a link specific to our Frontier Miles accounts.

(Update August 7, 2018. the offer is now available to everyone at THIS LINK.)

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Comparing Prices Between Low Cost Carriers

When researching prices for a upcoming flight, I discovered the three airlines that flew between the two cities were all low cost carriers. If I wanted to fly non-stop, my choices were Southwest, Frontier or Spirit. I’ve compared these airlines against Delta, JetBlue and American before but I’ve never had to compare them against one another. We’ve flown on both Southwest and Frontier with no problems. I’ve never given Spirit a serious look but I decided that for this experiment, I’d at least check them out.  Here’s what I found.

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Thanks Again – Earn Points For Buying Things At The Airport

I first saw a sign for Thanks Again when I was in line at Earl of Sandwich at a rest stop on the Florida Turnpike. Never one to pass up free points, I tried to figure out the program while on line. It took a little longer than my wait in line to sign up for the program but I’ve been earning points, here and there, ever since. While at first I thought these points would be worthless, it turns out they can be helpful in places where other points currencies aren’t all that useful.

Wouldn’t you want to earn miles for buying this sandwich?

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