Hotel Review: Candy Cane Inn – Anaheim, CA (Disneyland)

I was disappointed when my original plans to use Disney Vacation Club (DVC) points to stay at the Grand Californian Hotel didn’t pan out as I hoped. I came up with several options as a backup, still hoping the DVC room on waitlist would clear.  As our vacation got closer and closer, it became very evident that we wouldn’t be staying at the DVC. I looked at the backup room that I booked to make sure I was still happy with it. I was, so we forged ahead with our Plan B.

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Are The Changes To The Citi Prestige Card Good or Bad?

On July 23rd, changes to the Citi Prestige card went into effect. These changes were announced last July and all cardholders, new and existing, would be able to take advantage of the (then-current) benefits until the changes. The extended notice was likely due to Citi being unable to change stated benefits of the card for present cardholders In the end, I feel  they were very up front about the changes that were happening and handled it the best way they could.

So what changed? Here are the changes announced last year:

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