One Of The Latest On Instagram? A Site Devoted To Rating Airplane Food

Airplane food is nothing like it was in days gone by, but it’s still something we (kinda sorta, sometimes) enjoy. Maybe it’s because it’s a welcome break while spending hours on the plane, or because it’s food you won’t find on land (and most of the time that’s probably a good thing), but whether it’s something from the snack cart or a full meal with real silverware in first class, it’s still something people generally look forward to, even when you know it’s usually not going to be very good. I guess that’s why the website that can tell you what will be served on your flight is so popular.

On the rare occasions that Joe and I fly business or first class, we almost always take a picture of the meal. We’ve been doing it for much longer than we’ve had this blog – usually just for the memory of what we ate. A lot of people were apparently doing the same thing, so Henry Wu, originally from Chicago, took that one step further and started an Instagram site devoted entirely to what’s served at 35,000 feet.

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1950s Kitsch Is Alive & Well: Our Visit To The Mai-Kai

The Tiki culture (the theme used in Polynesian-style restaurants, clubs and bars) in the United States started in the 1930s, increased after World War II (when solders would return from the South Pacific) and hit its peak in the late 1950s, around the time that MaiKaiStatueSignHawaii became the 50th state. Riding on that wave (do you see what I did there? ☺), the Mai-Kai, a Polynesian-themed restaurant, bar and, a few years later, live Polynesian Islander Revue, opened in Fort Lauderdale in late 1956 and has been feeding and entertaining guests ever since. An OpenTable winner in 2014 and voted Best Tiki Bar in the World by Critiki in 2015 and 2016 (and second best in 2017) (because, let’s face it…they would know, right?), it is, as per Wikipedia, the last restaurant/bar in existence carrying on the traditions of service and serving the original drink recipes of Don the Beachcomber (the very first tiki bar, which opened in Hollywood in 1937), and has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places. And yet I, a lover of all things kitschy, Polynesian/Hawaiian and off-the-beaten-path, somehow had never heard of it, never mind never been to it???
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The Hotel Toiletries That You Could Use As Part Of Thanksgiving Dinner

Whereas Joe collects and uses just about every bar of soap he can get from a hotel, I’m not one to use the hotel’s toiletries a whole lot. I have no huge reason to not use them, other than the fact that I really like the soap and shampoo/conditioner that I bring with me. But I’ll always check them out, because sometimes I’ll find one that I really like for occasional home use – the lemon & sage Bliss collection that they have at the W, for example, smells really nice.


Anyway, we stayed at the Kimpton Gray Hotel in Chicago not long ago, and in checking out their toiletries, I swear, I think you could use some of them as part of a Thanksgiving meal. No, really! Take a look…

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Ever Want to Actually Have Breakfast at Tiffany’s? Now You Can! (Updated 11/18)

You know the scene – Breakfast at Tiffany’s, the classic film based on the novel by Truman Capote, opens with Holly Golightly (Audrey Hepburn), nibbling on a pastry and drinking some coffee while peeking into the windows of the Tiffany & Co. It’s early and the store isn’t open yet, so all she can do is gaze longingly at everything.

Since the film’s premiere in 1961, no one’s been able to really eat breakfast at Tiffany’s (I mean, really, they sell jewelry, china and silver!), but if you’re a Audrey Hepburn fan, get ready to swoon, because now you can!

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Restaurant Review: Cask & Larder, Orlando Int’l Airport

I’ve written about the lounges available at Orlando Airport. However the one section that doesn’t have a lounge nearby is gates 100-129, which services Southwest and Alaska Airlines. All hope is not lost though, because this section of the airport is home to Cask & Larder. I’d put this dining establishment up on the list of the best airport restaurants out there, anywhere.

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