All About Flying With A Cold – Safety, Protection, Kids, Refunds & More

Almost everyone has had to fly when they’re sick. It makes an uncomfortable situation even more miserable but you usually get through it OK.

However there are always questions about flying when you have a cold. Should you? Shouldn’t you? What can people do to not be miserable when flying with a cold? What if you’re flying while sick and have kids with you? Can you ask for a refund or reschedule until you feel better? Hopefully this post will help answer a lot of these questions.

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Please Don’t Break The Ten Unwritten Rules of Flying!

Unless you’re in business or first class, flying is not a super duper lot of fun. And why should it be? I mean, you’re part of a coupla hundred people in ever-shrinking close quarters inside a tin can for what can be several hours. Unless it’s your very first plane ride, I don’t think flying in this day and age can ever be made into a truly “good time,” but here are some ways to help make things better for everyone. Consider them to be the unwritten rules of flying. Please don’t break them!

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Flying With Kids? Here’s Some Advice From Flight Attendants

Joe and I don’t have kids. That’s not super unusual in today’s world, but on top of that, we’re both only children so we never had nieces or nephews, either. So our experience of flying with babies and children has been limited to the kids who happened to be aboard the planes we’ve been on. As you can imagine, some have been wonderful (and when they are, I make sure to complement the caregivers) and others have been….not.

Anyway, if there’s any group of people who know a thing or two about flying with children, it’s flight attendants. And I know several of those. So I asked them a simple question: “If you were to give advice to parents of babies and children of what to do when they’re on a flight, what would you tell them?” The responses I got were plentiful and, from what I can see, very helpful. There’s some overlap but also some differences, since they’re from different airlines that each have their own way of doing things. So if you’re flying with kids, read on…

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Pay Taxes With Your Credit Card? Drive Or Fly To Your Vacation? & More!

It’s the weekend, y’all! HOORAY! Here’s a quick recap of the posts we wrote this week:

This week Joe wrote about:

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