Stuck At Orlando Airport, Why Not Get A Room?

If you’ve traveled through Orlando International Airport, you’ve no doubt seen scenes like this. Travelers sleeping on the chairs lining the pathway between the two sides of the airport. While not usually seen as an airport with a deal of connecting traffic warranting long layovers, there are any number of reasons people can get stuck at the airport.

Anything from a long layover waiting for your international connecting flight, getting to the airport extra early to make sure you get through security on time, weather delays, flight cancellations and any other reason people end up stranded at the airport.

Now. the guy sleeping in the picture above is actually an art exhibit called “The Traveler” which has been around Orlando Airport since the 80s.

For those who don’t fancy trying to sleep on the floor or on a chair in the middle of a bustling airport, there’s now another, more comfortable, option.

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