That Time When It Almost Became Law To Use Fitted Sheets In Hotels

A while back, I wrote an article about why hotels don’t use fitted sheets. During my research, I discovered there actually are several legitimate reasons why most hotels use flat sheets.

Now, I won’t say that all hotels use flat sheets – after that article went to press, one of our readers said that that two Marriott she recently stay at both used fitted sheets. And the Best Western I stayed at in Rhode Island not long ago also had fitted sheets.

Really crappy pic of my Best Western fitted sheets // PC: Me

But did you know that a decade or so ago, a bill was proposed that, had it passed, it would have ensured that ALL sheets in hotel rooms, at least in California, would have been fitted?

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Why Don’t Hotels Used Fitted Sheets?

Joe and I use fitted sheets at home because they’re fast, efficient and convenient. We use a regular flat sheet that goes between the fitted sheet and the blanket, but for the actual sheet that we sleep on, it’s fitted all the way.

I don’t recall ever seeing a hotel that uses a fitted sheet, have you? Ever wonder why? I tried to find out.

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