The Museum That Looks Back At Its Racist Past

We’ve rediscovered our love for Chicago over the last two years. Whether it’s a visit to see Hamilton, catch a Phil Collins concert or even just an excuse for Sharon to pick up another Tiki Mug from Three Dots and a Dash (note from Sharon: YYYYAAAASSSS!!!!), we’re always up for another visit. We asked you for what we should do in Chicago and one of the places we’d never visited until our last trip was the Field Museum.

Field Museum Sign

I already shared how we were able to visit for free since my employer is one of the major contributors to the museum. Now, most people who visit the Field Museum want to see the dinosaurs, including Sue, the T-Rex (who was in rehab when we visited. But we still saw some sweet dinos.)


Other people might be more interested in learning about two of the other infamous residents of the Field, the Tsavo Lions.


While seeing all of these things were great, there was one exhibit that we’re still talking about for months after our visit. It is a fascinating retrospective on how people’s opinions can change towards a topic in the timespan of a single lifetime.

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How To Get Free Or Discounted Admission Into Museums

Sharon and I love to check out museums when we’re traveling. Whether it’s a somber location like The September 11th Memorial Museum or Hiroshima Memorial Peace Park or somewhere fun, such as The Pinball Hall of Fame or The Museum of Pop Culture, we’ll find some time to plan a visit.

Admission to museums can be expensive. Yet while I always look for discounts on amusement park tickets, I’ve never thought about saving money at  museum. Turns out, it’s the same process and you might even be able to get in for free.

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