How I Overcome My Biggest Weakness When It Comes To Booking Award Travel

If you take a good look at yourself, there’s a weakness you have when it comes to making travel reservations. It’s different for everyone. Some people feel anxious when going to spend points and miles and to those of you with this problem, spend your points already! Others are never happy with their reservations, in particular, hotel reservations, and continually change plans right up until the final cancellation date. We used to joke with a friend of ours when she’d tell us her plans because deep down we both knew there was no way the reservation would hold until the trip.

Some of the more advanced members of the travel community have their own set of weaknesses. There are those who can’t give up their loyalty status or pass up a good mileage/mattress run opportunity. Then there are those who’ll book a crazy mistake fare even if they previously had no intent to travel where the flight goes to or even where it departs from. I’d bet that these people would argue these aren’t weaknesses but strengths, and to that I say, Whatever makes you happy.

For me, it’s a different weakness and unfortunately, it affects a significant part of booking award travel.

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