What Can Happen When There’s A Tobacco Smell In Your Rental Car

I don’t think there’s a rental car company, at least in the United States, that allows smoking in their cars anymore. Of course, if you’re a smoker, having the smell of smoke in your rental car wouldn’t be a huge deal. I mean, I guess it wouldn’t be. I dunno; I’ve never been a smoker (it’d stunt my growth…*ba dum tsss* [I’m 4’6″, y’all]). But what if you’re a non-smoker and you don’t notice the smell (it’s possible) until after you’ve taken possession of the rental car and are on your way to your destination? That’s exactly what happened to our reader, Dana, when she was out of town a few weeks ago. Here’s how the situation was handled, not only by Dana and her husband Tim, but by the rental car company.

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Enterprise Car Rental Deal: Rates Starting At $12.99 Per Day!

Enterprise has a great deal going on right now, if you just need a car for the weekend. They’ve got car rental rates that start at just $12.99 per day at select locations, if you’re OK with renting on a Friday and returning on a Monday. Here’s more about it:

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Signing Up For Car Rental Programs, and What Each Program Will Give You

I’ve written in the past about how to sign up for frequent flyer programs and hotel programs. With each of those, you earn loyalty points or miles you can redeem in the future for flights or hotel nights. While some car rental companies also run loyalty programs that can earn you free rental days, the reason you should sign up for these programs is because of how much easier they make renting a car.

The thing I hate most about renting a car is the experience at the rental counter. It’s when, after usually waiting in a line, you get to talk to the car rental agent……. and then the sales pitches for an upgraded car, extra features (navigation, satellite radio), pre-paid gas and coverages begin. After denying (or accepting, I’m not one to judge) each one of these, I feel as if I had to make a deal just to rent the car I reserved for the price I agreed to pay. This is where registering for the loyalty program really pays off. You answer all of these questions in advance and certify these choices will apply to all your rentals unless you specify otherwise. Now when you walk to the counter, you simply hand over your drivers license and credit card and sign for the keys, or so they say. It’s easier to rent from some rental companies than others but enrolling in the rental company’s program will always make the process go along with less hiccups.

Here are the sign up links for the major car rental loyalty programs including any perks that are included and if they award loyalty points.

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Late Returning Your Rental Car? It Could Cost You An Extra Day’s Rental Charge

When you rent a car, I bet you don’t give much thought into the times you say you’ll pick up and drop off the vehicle. Most people enter in the time their flight is due to arrive and then maybe give themselves an hour, or two, before your flight is due to leave. But what if your flight home is delayed and you know you’re going to be stuck at the airport? You might decide to just show up a bit later. What if you change your arriving flight at the last minute to get on an earlier plane? Those decisions could cost you an entire day worth of rental car charges, if you’re not careful.

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How To Use Debit Cards For Car Rentals

One question we’ve been asked on our Facebook page┬áis how to rent a car using a debit card. While I’m a believer that the best way to get the most from your spending is to use a miles or points earning credit card, there are people who choose to not have or cannot get one of those cards. This post is for them.

Rental car companies like the security of having your credit card in case they need to charge you for not returning the car, damage to the car or anything else they’d like to charge you for once you return the car. If you use a debit card, they’ll often put a large hold on your account that will prevent access to your funds until the hold is removed.

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