Speed & Cost: A Comparison of On-Site vs. Off-Site Airport Parking

I’ll admit it – I’m a snob about airport parking. When Joe and I are going out of town somewhere, my #1 favorite place to park is in the airport terminal parking garage. I know, I know…snobbish. But hey, if I’m going out of town, I want to get to where I’m going ASAP and if I’m coming home, I want to get back to my car ASAP.

However, the cost of parking at the airport has gone up astronomically, so in recent years I’ve agreed to park in the “economy” lots if we’re going to be gone for more than 1 or 2 nights. Still on airport property, but you have to take a shuttle to get to and from. So our costs went from about $17 per day to about $10 per day. That was still doable for several years but our local airport is now in the midst of some vast growth, to the point where the parking garages were usually not an option because they’re almost always 100% full, and the “economy” lots had expanded into the outlying grass…and besides the shuttle buses running slower because they had to make more stops, there was poor makeshift signage, and dragging your rolling suitcase over wet grass and dirt is not fun at all. So Joe finally talked me into (duh, duh, DUH!) offsite parking.

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