Should You Correct Others When They’re Giving Incorrect Travel Information?

I’ve always had the inspiration to jump in when I hear someone giving wrong information. Doing that when you’re younger  tends to get you tagged as a “Know-It-All” or a “Smartypants,” so you eventually learn when it’s appropriate to jump in with corrections and when it’s not. You know, sorta like how it’s not wise to correct your boss when in a meeting with the regional directors.


I’m going to share more than I probably should but here goes. My first memory of feeling bad when jumping in to correct someone was with my dad. We were at Disney World and he was telling some other guests something that was SO WRONG! I mean it was killing me inside. Did I mention I must have been like twelve years old at the time (but I read the Birnbaum Guide to Disney World cover to cover every year when it came out so I knew what I was talking about)? So I just jumped in and corrected him. I was embarrassed and so was he. My need to be correct didn’t help anyone, except maybe the other guests who now had correct information. But who were we to them but just a family on the bus offering travel tips to strangers.

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