The Things You Do When You’re Into Travel & Your Partner…Isn’t

Joe and I will happily tell you that he is ALLLLL about the points and miles and hotels and flights and I’m all like, “As long as we get from Point A to Point B and everywhere is clean, I’m good.” This isn’t to say that I don’t appreciate the befits of his hobby; just that I was just as happy when we didn’t travel “fancy.”

I’ll even tell you a little secret – part of the reason why I pushed for Joe to start this blog was because he’d talk incessantly about what credit cards can get you this many points and how difficult it was to get into that lounge and an airline that I’d never even heard of has lie-flat seats in Business Class. IN BUSINESS CLASS! CAN YOU IMAGINE? And I was all like, “Whatever. My favorite airline ever was People Express (where you paid for your flight, cash only, after the flight took off, and they sold Rachel’s Brownies, which were the best brownies in the world, for 50 cents each) and what’s wrong with Holiday Inn Express?” He was already thinking about starting the blog as a way to teach our friends what we do, but I pushed Joe to write it so he could sublimate his obsession into written form, instead of telling me about everything for almost an hour during dinner every night.

And it worked 😉

But meanwhile, along parallel likes, I think I just identified the ultimate “My spouse is not really into the whole travel thing” story…

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This Setting For Google Maps Gives You More Control Over Direction Results

I’ve spent the last weeks being dependent on ride-sharing services and New York public transportation. Using Google Maps has made navigating the combination of trains, subways and buses much easier than in the past. I just needed to type in where I wanted to go and I got a series of choices on how to get there, taking into consideration schedules, connection times and even delays.

The more I used Google Maps, I began to realize that while the directions it provided were the fastest or most efficient way to get from one place to another, they might not be the way I wanted to go. Maybe I want to use a station I’m familiar with or I might not want to go and try to hunt down a bus stop in an unfamiliar neighborhood at 11PM.

Finally, I found a way to tweak the settings that put me more in control of the results.

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