Mileage Expiration Policies Of US Airlines Have Changed. Here’s The Current List

It’s hard enough to earn airline miles so letting those miles expire can be a painful experience, depending on how many miles you have in your account. I was willing to let some of my Frontier Miles expire until someone told me it was possible to donate them to a charity. While I’m all for donating miles, I’d also like to keep them active and use them to pay for future travel.

Fortunately, two airlines have recently changed their mileage expiration policies so I thought it might be a good idea to go over how long you have until your miles expire for the major US airlines.

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Is Delta’s SkyMiles Select Subscription Worth It?

Delta has been leading the way in monetizing their offerings. They’ve done it by, among other things, decreasing the number of people who can get into their SkyClubs while at the same time charging for food and drinks when inside, or by charging extra for their “preferred” seats on the plane. They’ve been successful in their endeavors so far because of their ability to price these items where they feel worthwhile. They’ll even offer paid upgrades to first-class seats at check-in for a reasonable up-charge, which means there’s even less upgrade space, much to the chagrin of the most loyal, and valuable Delta flyers.

So when I received an email from Delta introducing me to their new SkyMiles Select service, I gave it a look.

For Delta frequent flyers or those who are into miles and points, this offer is a hard pass, but might it be a good choice for some less frequent Delta travelers?

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Earn Airline Miles When Eating Out: Airline Dining Programs Master List

If there’s a single easier way to earn airline miles without flying on an airplane than signing up for a dining program, I’m not aware of it. For those of you who still don’t know about these programs, I’ll provide some information about them, links to their respective websites and what you’ll get to sign up and how much you’ll earn down the line.

The best thing about a dining program is that it’s truly a set it and forget it type of thing. Sure, there are ways to maximize your earnings that I’ll touch on but this is more just a starter (or reminder) for everyone on all the different programs that are out there.

To sign up for any of these dining programs, you’ll first need to be a member of their frequent flyer program. Here’s a link to our article on how to sign up for each one, if you haven’t already done so.

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Are You Short Delta Skymiles For An Award? American Express May Lend You The Miles

Delta SkyMiles. I’m sure some people love the program while others despise them for doing away with award charts and generally making changes whenever they want with no notice to members. I tend to fall somewhere in the middle. While I hate that they sometimes charge an unbelievable amount of miles for some flights, I’ve also been able to find awards for decent prices on both Delta aircraft and with their partners, like Virgin Atlantic.

That means I’m in a constant cycle of earning Delta Skymiles and using them for redemptions. Fortunately, American Express partners with Delta and you can transfer Membership Rewards to Delta Skymiles, albeitĀ for a price. American Express and Delta also offer a number of co-brand cards like the Gold Delta Skymiles American Express card so it’s pretty easy to add to your Skymiles balance.

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