What are Delta Dollars and How Do You Spend Them?

On a flight from Atlanta to Chattanooga, our flight was oversold. The gate agents made an announcement asking if there were any passengers who would be willing to take a flight later that evening for $250 Delta Dollars. Sharon and I looked at each other as if to say, “Should we?” I said we shouldn’t because I wasn’t familiar with how Delta Dollars worked and I wasn’t sure if we could ever use them. I left to go to the restroom and in the 5 minutes that I was away the offer increased from $250 to $350, then $500,  $600 and eventually to $700. At this point, I was walking (quickly) to the gate to take the offer but before I got back they found the four people they needed to take the later flight.

Remember that the flight is only 45 minutes long and they were offering a seat on the flight 3 hours later. We could have taken the $700 each and waited or even rented a car and drove the 4 hours to Tennessee. 🙂

So why was Delta so generous and why didn’t I jump at the offer?  Continue reading “What are Delta Dollars and How Do You Spend Them?”