Oh No! What To Do When Your Credit Card Is Rejected When Traveling

If you’re home, having your credit card charge denied is a minor inconvenience, even it can be slightly embarrassing. If it’s not something you’re aware of, such as being over your limit or not paying your bill, you can usually resolve the problem by a quick call to the bank or by checking your account on their website or mobile app.

What happens if this occurs when you’re traveling? Going on a trip, either across the state, the country or the world can raise red flags in the bank’s computers. Making a few charges, especially large ones, in a new location can lead to your card being denied or even worse, shut down.

So how can you try to prevent this from happening and what can you do if it does?

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Should You Buy Cell Phone Insurance Or Get It From Your Credit Card?

Did you pick up a new phone during a sale on Black Friday or Cyber Monday and are wondering what’s the best way to protect that $1000+ purchase? You’re in luck because one of the newest benefits credit cards are adding is cell phone insurance. To be eligible, all you have to do is charge your cell phone bill to a card that provides coverage.

It doesn’t matter how you paid for the phone, although I hope you used a card that has some sort of purchase protection included.

Using the coverage from your credit card would seem to be a no-brainer. The coverage is free and continues for as long as you’re paying your bill with the card. However, did you look into if this is the best way to cover your phone against damage?

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And in the flash of an eye, November is finished and welcome to December! Here are our most popular posts for November 2019. Some of them were actually written before November (heads up that rules and offers change and we can’t guarantee that those older ones are still accurate), so take a look to make sure you didn’t miss any of the good stuff:











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