“Deadly Assumptions” – Who’s To Blame For The 737 MAX Problems?

This Sunday, I was paging through my Twitter feed and saw an article from The New York Times titled: Boeing Built Deadly Assumptions Into 737 Max, Blind to a Late Design ChangeDespite the sensationalistic headline, I went to check it out (amazingly, I still do, occasionally, have time to read things besides other travel blogs). 

As it turns out, the article is a fascinating look into the history of the 737 MAX and its maligned MCAS computer system. I’ve read many posts on the subject but each one tended to focus on a singular aspect of the plane or the two crashes. This article puts everything into perspective, putting the pieces together. 

I took several things away from the NYT’s article which I’ll start talking about here. I’m not going to repost the content of the article, so if you’re going to keep reading this, go to the Times website first. You get five free articles a month. I’ll wait.  Continue reading ““Deadly Assumptions” – Who’s To Blame For The 737 MAX Problems?”